Acne affects everyone. For those who said that acne only appears on teenagers, and it will be gone once you grow older are wrong. Acne is a skin disease, although it is not harmful to your body. But this does not mean that people will ignore its existence. People who were suffering from acne tend to have low self-esteem and dislike socializing with others. It is because acne made them look not-so-attractive. The exact cause of acne is unknown, although hormonal fluctuation in the body is one of the primary causes of acne breakout. Secondly, would be the diet. In this article, we are going to talk how diet plays a role in acne breakouts.

Eating the wrong foods can contribute a lot of unwelcome disease to your body. Obesity and diabetes are one of a better example for this matter, and this can be applies same to acne breakout. Improper diets create an imbalance in the body. However, this does not mean that you are going to have acne-free skin by simply cutting out these unhealthy foods. You need a holistic approach to resolve this matter.

Junk foods are the primary foods that cause acne breakout. Fatty foods such as ice-cream and cheese can cause blood sugar instability by increasing your blood level up, and then plummet it down fast. This will leads to severe hormonal reactions, and resulting acne breakouts. Fatty foods also will slow down and limit the flow of nutrients and oxygen to your body cells, which will aggravates acne.

Junk foods aside, a processed carbohydrate foods also a contributor to acne breakouts. Your body needs a certain amount of vitamin and mineral to function well, and this is not a good thing when a processed food had all its nutrients stripped away. Just like fatty foods, processed foods also raise the blood sugar. In additional, processed foods also make your stomach has a difficulty to digest these foods, triggering allergic reactions and inflammation. It is because of their ingredients, flavors, colors, and a preservative contains a harmful chemical substance, which are not suitable for our body system.

As for the sugar, it aggravates acne too. It is because a harmful bacterium that can be found in your stomach will live off of it, and will produce toxic materials in your body. Low calorie sweeteners are even worse. It contains a huge amount of damaging chemical substances. The regular foods or drinks such as coffee, tea, chocolate, and energy drinks are also a big contributor for acne problem. While these foods are delicious to eat or drink, and even provide a necessary energy for you, your skin has to pay the price.

According to the research, caffeine that can be found in a coffee can cause acne by causing the adrenalin glands create excess hormones, which will give you the buzz. Eventually, it will put a stress on your body. It is not only affecting your skin, it is also affecting your health in the long run. Caffeine also disturbs one’s regular sleep patterns. This is not good as it will forestall the attaining of “deep sleep” mode, where it is the crucial moments for your body engages in repairing and detoxification.

Milk is another acne contributor. People do not aware that the human body is not designed to digest the cow or any other animals’ milk. The truth is everyone is allergic to milk. Our main digestive system lacks certain enzymes that allow our body to digest the milk effectively. Because of this, our immune system will produce an unusual reaction, which will lead to oxidative stress and inflammation, hence acne. Not to mention that a pasteurize milk will create a mucous coat to cover or block the lining of the small intestine, which basically prevent assimilation of vitamin and mineral that your body needs.

Obviously, you cannot avoid all these foods in your life, as you need them to provide a sufficient energy or other minerals to live, but this does not mean that you should eat them recklessly. Moderate is the key here. Slowly cutting out these foods is a significant step towards taking control of your health and your skin.

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