Gone are the days when it was recommended to feed babies exclusively on milk up to 5 months, or even more when one of the parents was allergic. It would be better to offer them food a little earlier.

From now on, it is advisable to start dietary diversification from 4 months, whether the child is breastfed or bottle-fed. And in all cases, before 6 months. Beyond that, in fact, breast or infant milk is no longer sufficient to cover all of the baby's energy needs (proteins, iron, zinc, vitamins A and D). "Waiting until the age of 6 months to introduce solid foods, hoping to prevent rhinitis, eczema or asthma , does not bring any benefit", specifies Pr Patrick Tounian, professor of pediatric nutrition and gastroenterology. Including in children considered "at risk" because one of their parents or siblings is allergic.

Eggs, fish, celery, peanut oil, nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts) and exotic fruits (kiwi, mango, etc.), known to be allergenic, can be introduced from the fourth month. A recent study revealed that the later the allergenic foods are introduced, the more the amount of antibodies directed against them is important!

Less risk of allergy afterwards

Introducing allergenic foods earlier would even have a protective effect. Various studies by American, Finnish, German and Australian researchers have shown that eating fish before 6 months reduces the risk of persistent asthma or allergic rhinitis. guides dietician near me Children who have eaten a boiled egg (hard-boiled or soft-boiled) between 4 and 6 months are less likely to be allergic to it than those who discovered it at 10 months or more.

The rule: give only one allergenic food at a time, in very small quantities, and gradually increase it in order to detect a possible allergic reaction. And no need to deprive yourself of a food until it has caused an allergic reaction, even if the skin tests are positive. The latest studies show that this total elimination only worsens the reaction to the allergen when it is reintroduced.

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