Over the past several years, there has been an increased focus on directing your thoughts and emotions to positively attract what you want in your life. However, many people have reported that despite their best efforts to think positively and deliberately create their reality, they have not experienced the level of abundance and prosperity for which they hoped. Following your inner guidance is an important step toward getting closer to your goals. It's not enough to feel positively about something. One also has to tune in to the inner messages they receive to truly connect with their desires.

First, let me assure you from the beginning that you ARE intuitive! Each of us was born with the ability to tune in to our inner spirit and gain knowledge that will better equip us to traverse this lifetime. Have you ever suddenly thought about a friend or family member seconds before you received a phone call or email from that person? Have you ever had a feeling of Déjà vu? Have you ever had an intense feeling to do something or not to do something and later discovered that it was good you followed your intuition?

Given these example above, I’m sure we can all think of instances when we just know something without there being a tangible reason for us to have access to that knowledge. Such instances are examples of your inner guidance. While there are those of you who are naturally more “tuned in” than others, further developing your abilities is something all of us can do.

Your ability to open you intuitive abilities is largely dependent upon how often you quiet your mind and allow yourself to hear your inner voice. Meditation is a very important part of developing your intuitive talents. For those who are new to the process of meditation, here is a good one to practice:

1. Choose a quiet place.
2. Sit in a comfortable chair.
3. Close your eyes.
4. Relax your muscles.
5. Become aware of your breathing.

Choose a pleasant word or visual image that you can hear and see in your imagination. Think of this word or image every time you exhale for about 15 minutes each day. If you have an intrusive thought or feeling during your mediation, return to the repetition of your relaxing word or image.

As you learn to quiet your mind, it will become easier for you to develop your intuitive abilities and listen to your inner guidance. You will learn how to create what you want in your life faster, whether it is prosperity, good health and happy relationship, or a profitable career. You will learn about your unique intuitive style, which is different for everyone. You will feel more convicted about the decisions you make and less concerned with what others think of you. You will learn to use auditory, visual and dream messages to answer questions you have about your life.

Take time to go within regularly and be amazed as new and wonderful experiences enter your life.

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