With a growing number of industries going digital, businesses get engaged in severe competition on multiple chessboards struggling to reach out to a maximum number of consumers and offer them a satisfying UX. Trying to meet their prospective clients halfway, companies aspire to create interactive websites and user-friendly mobile apps that would operate seamlessly on gizmos powered by both most popular operating systems (iOS and Android).
Having such a goal in view presupposes having robust and powerful tools at your disposal. Angular is a framework that ticks most boxes to produce scalable software able to cater to the requirements of organizations and whims of wide user audiences. So, it is no wonder that many blue-chip companies choose Angular to build their business solutions.
The Brainchildren of Angular Build to Look Up to
Here’s the list of Angular website examples and Angular app examples that popular brands launched.
It’s not that the second-to-none search engine can serve as an AngularJS website example but this IT behemoth uses Angular in a plethora of its products, such as the Google Transparency Report or the Google Voice. Among Angular web application examples powered by Google are Google Play Books, Google Marketing Platform, Startup with Google, Waymo, Firebase, Google Issue Tracker, and dozens of other solutions. Out of them all, Gmail deserves special mentioning as an Angular hybrid app example that can handle huge traffic on a daily basis. The smooth functioning and holistic UX of these solutions is the best proof of the high-profile software that Angular can yield.
With outsourcing and freelancing getting significant traction in the circumstance of the global pandemic, both talents and talent-seekers need a venue where they can meet each other and start their business relationships. Upwork is the universally recognized leader in the niche with more than 20 million user profiles registered in close to 200 countries. The brand utilized the 1.5.9 version of AngularJS to build its site that displays outstanding webpage performance and seamless navigation.
As it is clear from its name, this is another Angular website example called to assist freelancers in their job-finding endeavors. Having started in 2009 as an Australian venture crowd-funded by its users, it has developed into a worldwide player on the job market connecting employers and employees from over 240 territories. Naturally, such a huge number of site visitors required launching a highly responsive solution – a task that was successfully accomplished by leveraging Angular 5.1.0. As a result, the site has an exquisite UI and smooth operation. Moreover, this Angular example application has employer and employee interfaces, payment options, return policies, and other configurable frontend elements.
Is it easy to handle 78 million users a month from the US only (and over 100 million visitors globally)? It is if your site is based on Angular 5.2.0. The best evidence of it is Forbes that can be reached via any browser. Plus, it is also an Angular progressive web app example that works perfectly on any device fueled by all operating systems.
Does the 100 million of Forbes’ visitors seem an immense number to you? Then what would you say about more than 300 million users PayPal boasts of? This global provider of online payments and money transfers is working hard to keep up its reputation as a safe and reliable platform. All of this plus foolproof authorization and problem-free purchase completion without leaving the e-store is enabled thanks to Angular 1.4.8 and its tools used by site developers.
Santander Bank
This financial institution originates from Spain but it has expanded internationally and since 2013 has won a firm foothold in the North-East of the United States and six other countries. One of the crucial summands of such vibrant progress is its Angular mobile app based on version 7 of the framework. In this AngularJS example, application provides a whole gamut of banking activities, including balance checking, depositing, paying bills, account tracking, transferring money, viewing statements, etc. – and all of them in just a couple of clicks.
The Korean titan in the realm of electronic products employed Angular 6.1.2 to build its site coming up with an attractive appearance and easily navigable architecture. Moreover, it is accessible from mobile phones as well, which maximizes the company’s customer reach on both B2C and B2B markets.
To realize how versatile Angular-powered products can be, look at Mixer. It is a free game streaming service launched by Microsoft that targets younger people as its primary audience. The employment of the framework enables ultra-fast game live streaming, co-hosting from users' channels, commenting on streams, and other activities this age category enjoys so much. The brand’s product also features an AngularJS app example that functions smoothly on Android and iOS smartphones or tablets allowing viewers and streamers to come together at this virtual venue.
The Guardian
This British newspaper has won universal acclaim by its non-biased event coverage, news reporting based on fact-checking, and keeping up-to-date with all that happens around the globe. Having launched its online version it upholds these principles, augmenting its reader audience exponentially. The site and web-based app by the Guardian manifest impeccable performance (despite heavy daily traffic) and user-friendly navigation – the qualities that the Angular framework excels at.
Delta Airlines
Being an America-based company it sends its jets to more than 300 destinations located in 60 countries. Given this wide geography, Delta faced the challenge of dealing with a tremendous number of daily site visits. Angular 6.1.9 used as a framework for their webpage contributed greatly to the company's occupying third place in the travel and tourism industry as to the volume of traffic. Now, the site sports lightning-fast loading speed, advanced route search possibilities, and easily accessible flight register information, etc.


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