“But what about my aching joints” you ask. Many retirees wonder what to do with their lives once they’ve retired from their jobs but may feel hampered by persistent joint discomfort. Retirement gives you the time, resources and opportunity to pursue things in life you’ve always dreamed of. Perhaps you never had a chance to fulfill your dreams because the responsibilities of life got in your way. Maybe you missed out on opportunities to go hiking, or learn to ski, or travel the world, or even take lessons in Latino dancing! Remember, life is as exciting as you make it and retirement is a phase in your life you should look forward to. Don’t let joint aches stop you!

Take for instance Billie Burrill’s incredible story. What is unique about Billie’s story is that she started training for competitive swimming at the age of 64—when she retired as a college health and physical education professor. At that time, Billie suffered from debilitating arthritis in her back. She took the advice of her doctor who suggested swimming as a form of exercise to help relieve her arthritic back. Since then Billie has competed in one sports event after another, bagging gold medals and breaking world records! In 2007 even at the age of 86, Billie earned the Master Swimmer’s All-American title in the 50-yard free style event!

There’s really no need to lag behind because of joint aches and discomfort. Today scientific research offers us safe proactive measures for gaining an opportunity to live longer and independent lives without the aches and pains associated with old age. You can take advantage of several proactive joint health measurers that assist in easing joint discomfort and rehabilitating joint health!

Here are a few proactive tips for supporting joint health!

  • Exercise your joints. Special exercises such as Pilates, swimming and other low impact exercises can strengthen the muscles that support the joints, help increase joint lubrication and increase blood circulation so that the joint receives adequate nutrients through the increased supply of blood to the joints.
  • Avoid being in one position for too long, whether sitting or standing, take several stretch breaks to break the monotony and avoid stiffness.
  • Bring your weight down to an optimal body weight. Extra body weight exerts extra stress on your weight-bearing joints.
  • Keep an active lifestyle. How about getting a bicycle to travel those short distances instead of using your car?
  • Remember, if your joints ache, it is necessary to rest them so that they get adequate time to recover. Don’t aggravate joints that are already inflamed and tender by overexerting them.

Joint Health Supplements

An effective way to support joint health is through joint supplements. A scientifically-based joint health formula is likely to give you better results. Major nutrients that the body needs to support joint health include glucosamine sulfate, hyal joint, MSM, Interhealth collagen type II and green lipped mussel extract.Herbs such as boswellin, white willow bark, curcumin 3 help to support joint function. GoFlex is a physician-formulated, scientifically-based joint supplement that contains all these ingredients.

Along with oral capsules, GoFlex comes with an FDA-approved topical cream containing capsaicin which instantly relieves joint pain and swelling. The combination of oral supplements and topical application will provide you with comprehensive joint health support.

Whatever your dreams may be when you retire, GoFlex can partner with you to nutritionally support your joints so that you achieve your dreams. So, dream big!

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GoFlex is a scientifically-based, physician-approved joint health supplement containing herbal and natural nutrients that specifically support vital joint functions for maintaining mobility and flexibility. GoFlex includes a joint health supplement and joint pain relief cream containing an FDA-approved ingredient for fast-acting joint pain relief.