As the pandemic continues affecting millions of people every day, following effective cleaning and hygiene practices in the office is mandatory to keep the virus at bay. The proper cleaning practices are still unknown to many. For this reason, a list of the practices is given below that will help in keeping the office protected.

  • A Color-coded Cleaning Practice is Required

This practice can be seen in most of the offices now and is recommended by cleaners performing office cleaning in Seaton. Here, the towels need to be colour coded for the different areas in the office. That way, a towel for one area will not end up in another. This helps in keeping the office free of contamination.

  • Handwash Signs

Attaching signs of washing hands for 20 minutes with warm water and soap on restrooms is an extremely well practice that will protect the employees. Along with this, signs reminding the employees to use hand sanitizers at their desks and other areas is also another great option.

  • Effective Cleaning of Surfaces

A one way-wipe down on the different objects in the office viz. desks, workstations, cabinets, etc. helps in cleaning the droplets where coronavirus may be present. Discarding the normal procedure of cleaning in circular directions is not as effective as they redeposit the droplets that you have cleaned already.

  • Cleaning the Mobile

All the companies providing office cleaning in Adelaide hills recommend cleaning of mobiles with spray sanitizers because the virus may be present in the surface of the mobiles. Since the coronavirus is present in droplets, it is necessary to sanitize all your belongings with a sanitizer. You can use a gaseous sanitizer as water-based sanitizers can damage your phone if it is not water-resistant.

  • Bi-Weekly Office Sanitization

Sanitization needs to be done every day but total sanitization is a time-consuming process. Therefore, bi-weekly sanitization of the office will keep the virus at bay. However, every day different parts of the office can be cleaned with a sanitizer. This includes the places that are mostly used such as the washrooms, desks, workstations, cabinets, etc.

  • Cleaning Agents

Sanitizers do only part of the job. A stronger cleaning solution is necessary. For the total office sanitization, 1/3 rd cup of bleach is required for a gallon of water as recommended by the CDC. Other than these, Lysol or Clorox can also be used. However, the CDC also recommends not to mix the cleaning products.

  • Disposable Gloves are Necessary

For cleaning the offices, the cleaner needs to wear disposable gloves as it will protect his hands and at the same time protect the office from getting contaminated by droplets that come out while breathing or talking.

  • Wearing of Masks

It is necessary to wear masks at all times. While cleaning an office, masks that offer good protection need to be worn by the cleaner to protect himself from the disinfectant spray that might cause health hazards as well as the coronavirus.

These practices will help employees and office administration personnel wanting an office cleaning in Seaton as they will get a solid idea as to what to do and what not to.

Author's Bio: 

The author owns a company that provides office cleaning in Adelaide hills and conduct online workshops of effective cleaning practices to safeguard against the virus.