Blissful living is what I strive for. It’s not always easy with everyday challenges, but it’s all in your approach on how you handle them. “Standing in Your Power” and “Embracing Your Greatness” are what my company’s philosophy and Own Your Power coaching programs are all about.

Do you see your obstacles as little pebbles, stepping stones, or big boulders that be can’t moved? I like to look at my challenges as little bread crumbs on the road of life. I like bread crumbs, not because I’m hungry right now (LOL) but, because they have the potential of leading you in the direction of a new discovery. The best part is they are just measly little bread crumbs. You can kick them out the way, crush them, and stomp them flat.

When you view any obstacle this way, too, it is no longer has the power of a devastating boulder-sized road block on your path to success and happiness. Instead, these miniature obstacles simply become lessons, lessons that will lead you to something better on the other side. Once you get over, around, or through it; then you can sigh a big sigh of relief.

Practically everyone knows the bread crumbs found in the Grimm Fairy Tale of Hansel and Gretel. Let’s change the scenario a bit and image you are walking through the forest and you came across a line of bread crumbs along another path. Would you follow the path to the left if you knew it will take you home or would your curious nature draw you down the path to the right, deeper into the forest?

I’m going to take some more liberties with this famous fairy tale, and have the bread crumb trail end in the place where a Magical Genie dwells. And instead of three wishes; you have as many wishes you want! So, I ask you, because you’re the one who has to choose, where do you want your bread crumbs to lead you?

Trust me, like you, I’ve had my share of stumbling bread crumbs to leap over through the years. I’ve had financial worries, heartaches, divorce, depression, disappointments, and even health issues. However, in retrospect, many of my challenges have been grand blessings in the disguise. They have taught me many things about myself and how to deal with challenges.

Through it all, my courage and ‘bread crumb’ view has also lead to me to triumph, self-love, business success, FREEDOM, and overwhelming joy. Why? It happened because I paid attention to my options.

I’ve been able to use many of my failures to help others not make the same mistakes. I can see many of the red flags even better now, not only because of my life experiences, but because I have chosen to listen and act upon what my intuition tells me. GET THAT? … I LISTENED to my intuition and TOOK ACTION!

The Roadmap to Your Own Magical Genie

Start with making a list of your OPTIONS. Get a friend or a coach to help you, because sometimes you are so focused on what’s wrong, that you don’t see what’s right.
Take responsibility and OWN IT! Cut out the blame game and finger-pointing. Be honest with yourself on how you got to where you are.

Command the strength you were born with and plan out your next steps to get out of your rut!

Get clear on how you are feeling daily and work on shifting your energy to focus on the outcomes you WANT — not the ones you don’t want.

Journal daily, ask the challenging questions and get creative with your answers to help you reconnect to your heart’s desires!

Focus on setting your intentions daily, weekly, and monthly (Don’t hope, INTEND! EXPECT the things you want to happen!)
Celebrate even the smallest successes each week to keep your spirits up and continue to pat yourself on the back. You’ve come a long way!

Surround yourself with visionaries and positive thinkers. Enhance your Circle of Power!

Get your mind right by honoring and being kind to yourself! Connect with your higher self by dedicating sacred time to be alone and give back to yourself through meditation, self-care, being in nature, walks, etc.)

If you are ready to create a blissful life for yourself, OWN YOUR POWER can guide you through the process. It’s time to Own It and start paving your road in the right direction for the year ahead!

Each month, I coach clients who were down on their last hope — or so they thought. Many didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Others had an immense fear of abandonment, betrayal, family drama, or just dealing with everyday business challenges. Some were stuck in a dead-end career and didn’t feel fulfilled even though they are in a ‘GOOD JOB’. And a few were not clear on their calling or maybe they did know, but had no idea how to earn an income from it.

OWN YOUR POWER is available when you want assistance, clarity, or need someone to hold you accountable to see you through things. It does get easier and you will start to see your future brighten as your intentions become specific and successful actions! The OYP Coaching programs help you find the courage and give you the guidance you need to create the path you want to follow to your own magical genie!

Contact me for an FREE assessment form to find out which OYP Coaching program would be the best fit your needs, budget, and schedule! Thank you.

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Certified Law of Attraction Master Life Coach & Holistic Business Coach, Simone Kelly is the passionate visionary behind Own Your Power Communications. She encourages you to own your business and pursue a holistic lifestyle. Check out the Own Your Power community out and connect with like-minds here: CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION: 877-545-7352