Mission weight loss can be a brutal nightmare for some. Always on the go, running to wellness places and gyms looking for a remedy to this. But it's important to follow a regular diet and workout to attain the proper result. So here are the 4 routine steps to follow to lose weight in a healthy way.

  1. Eat a healthy Breakfast

A healthy and nutritious breakfast is the body’s fuel for the whole day. So it is extremely important to have a proper breakfast that keeps you healthy for the whole day that you may not feel hungry an hour after eating breakfast.

  1. Never Run for Food Unless Hungry

People usually have the habit of eating food at almost the same time every day even though they are not feeling hungry. This can always lead to overeating and result in weight gain. So try fresh juices and lots of water for the day and don't rush for the food unless you are really hungry.

  1. Proper Workout And Regular workout

When we say proper and regular workout it means both should go in hand to hand. Be consistent in your work out and make sure you are on track to achieve the aspired goal. It may be sweating out in a gyms in Dubai, a brisk walk for 45 min, jogging or whatever but make sure you are sweating it out.

  1. A Low Profile Dinner

After 8 your body is going to be in a rest mode. So make sure to have a low profile dinner every day. Don't crave for sweet and high carbohydrate value food at night. Eating in such a way can always be a hindrance towards the goal you want to achieve. Go for fruit juices and healthy diet before 8 pm and see how the magic works.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.