Follicular Unit Extraction is also known as FUE. It is the method of hair transplant surgery that helps to remove the hair manually from the patient’s scalp. Once it was applied hairs are implanted to bald and also thinner areas around the head.
About The Procedure:
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) helps the patient’s naturally thicker appearance to hair. Moreover, there are many other methods like FUT; it doesn’t provide the method of removing the donor strip of the scalp to extract individual follicles. The surgery is performed manually from start to end by highly skilled surgeons. Latest methods like Neograft and ARTRAS system automate parts of the FUE for fast treatments and fewer errors.
Before the procedure begins, the section of the donor scalp must be cleared to provide the surgeon a better visualization so as not to over harvest the areas. The donor area must be cleansed with the help of a local numbering agent. There are one or two methods that must be used during this process. These methods are sharp or blunt dissection. The sharp punch dissection method helps to limits the depth to punch insertion to avoid the follicle transaction and it also provides a more consistent graft. The blunt dissection method uses a dull tip that is less likely to transact. This method helps for a deeper level of the dissection. Your hair transplant surgeon needs to decide which technique is best for your individual needs.
During the surgery, 2400 to 5000 grafts will be harvested to the selected area on the scalp. If hairs are transplanted on the eyebrows then 150 to 200 grafts are needed. Your surgeon needs to keep in mind that he will be very careful to avoid over-harvesting the donor areas to protect the body from telogen effluvium. Most hair loss is caused by emotional stress or physical stress.
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) helps to solve problems such as:
1: Bald spots.
2: Thinning hair.
3: Receding hairline.
Tips before the treatment:
Before the treatment of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), you need to stop topical hair treatments for weeks. You need to use a prescription shampoo. Do not take alcohol before 3 days of the treatment. Also, do not smoke 1 week and 1 week after the surgery.
Tips during the treatment:
During the treatment of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the donor section will be shaved. The donor area will be cleansed and 2400 to 5000 grafts will be harvested. After that, hairs are implanted into the scalp in thinning areas.
After the treatment:
After the treatment of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), swelling and discomfort will occur. Remember you did not touch your hairs even with hands or combs.
1 week after treatment:
After one week of treatment, you need to avoid strenuous exercise and no alcohol. You need to do light exercise after two days of treatment.
Two weeks after treatment:
After two weeks of the treatment, you need to do normal shampoo and brush your hair using soft combs. You can cut your hairs after two weeks and if you want to dye them, you can dye them after one month of your treatment.
Results of the treatment:
This treatment takes several months to show its results. The grafted hairs will regrow after three to four months. The proper growth of hairs is seen after 5 to 12 months of the treatment. After 1 year, the treatment results will continue in progress.
Side effects:
The treatment, give us numerous advantages however it additionally has many side effects, for example, discharge, contamination, telogen exhaust, and tingling, scarring, pimples, dying, and expansion.
Not recommended for:
This treatment is not recommended for the patients with not good donor sites and also who lose their hairs due to meditation, stress, medical treatments as these can be reversed.
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