Follicular Unit Extraction is also called follicular transfer. There are two methods of attaining follicular units. Firstly, there is a natural way to develop one to six hairs for transplantation. Likewise, another way is known as strip harvesting. In the extraction process, each of the sole follicular units is separated right from the hair. Also, this process is done one at a time. This process is entirely different from strip harvest method because in the strip harvest method a layer of skin is eliminated from the patient after that it anatomize into many several parts.

Furthermore, on the strip harvesting method, the little thin scar is developed on the back of the head. Though, in the Follicular Unit Extraction, it avoids the scar. There are the many doctors and them also ambience that there is an absolute difference with FUE. Moreover, FUE is proven, and it is good, and all the chances are good. However, it is very necessary to understand each procedure.

Cost Of The FUE

Firstly, it is very much important to know the price of the single hair transplant. The price of the FUE comes per graft. The graft can be from thousand to six thousand or may be more can be required. The cost is anywhere in between from $3.50 to $9.00 per graft. Mostly the price of the graft changes as per the industry trend. The Follicular Unit Extraction transplantations are one hair at a time. On the other hand, in the strip harvesting method, each of the graft does not include some hair. However, FUE costs between two and three times as much as the more traditional method.

Advantage Of FUE

  • Invisible Scars

The process of the FUE is excellent, and many people are choosing this process. Moreover, there are a number of individuals who are using FUE in comparison to strip harvesting method because in the strip harvesting it leaves a scar and afterward all these scars remain visible. FUE is an excellent treatment for the people where they prefer to wear their hair very compact at the back because the operation looks simple and unaffected.

  • Less pain

After the punch which is made into the skin, there are very minimum steps remaining in the procedure. However, in the other process, there can be pain for few days or can be for few weeks. But in the case of FUE, pain is minimal and that also can be eased out by the medicines prescribed by the doctor.

  • Less time

The pain is also less as well as the small punches require less time to heal than linear scars. Also, there is no need for any stitches or scalpels.

  • Natural Looking Hair

In the Unit Extraction process, you get back a natural looking hair. Moreover, all the hair will be thicker and the head ill full of hair.

  • Less discomfort

After the procedure is completed patients can quickly go home. If there is any problem that occurs, it can be managed easily. Also for the non-invasive procedure, the infection possibility is extremely low.

Technology has offered us with a number of treatment processes. Hair transplant process through FOE is one of such processes that are gaining popularity by each passing time.

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