Follicular Unit Extraction is a form of hair transplant strategy that includes the removal of hairs from the donor regions. It is a long-term solution that is commonly used by people looking to revive the appearance of a receding hairline. Much advancement has been made in this field. Other than this type, there is FUT (Striped method) has also been used. FUE is preferred because of no scars. If we are suffering from baldness, we must go for it. As the donor is located in the back of the head where hair will regrow naturally, scarring from Follicular Unit Extraction is well-concealed by the hair growth in that region. This sort of hair transplant has become a popular option in dealing with hair loss.FUE is more commonly used these days because of quicker healing duration. As a person gets older, phases of the cycle of hair growth and regrowth shorten until follicles stop to regrow hairs. This process varies from person to person. Some people start balding in their 20s while the rest of the people get bald later in life. Basically, this transplant restores the old follicles and replaces the new ones so that they are still able to grow hair. In the FUE method, a surgeon does not need to dissect the strip from the back of the head.
In this Follicular Unit Extraction, the donor area is being shaved. After shaving, the numbering will be administered to the region to confirm that the patient is relaxed at all times. Then the surgeon removes each follicle with the help of a pair of tweezers. It is then placed on a dish so a 1-3 mm hole is created in the scalp. The hair follicle is then implanted into the incision and sealed with a bandage. It is continued depending on the number of grafts. Your surgeon will clean the area and bandage for recovery. In this transplant, the patient does not suffer from significant scars and is in less pain after surgery. Technically there are microscopic scars and not even seen with the naked eye. After a certain slot, these scars also fade over. This allows the patients to wear their hair as short as they like because nobody can see your scars. During the hair transplant, 2,400-5,000 grafts are harvested to a particular area on the scalp. And if hairs are transplanted to the eyebrows, only 150-200 grafts will be needed. Over-harvesting during this may cause telogen effluvium, a reverse form of temporary hair loss that is majorly caused by stress or depression. When the follicular units survive in this procedure it will be declared as successful transplantation. If we discuss the cost of FUE, it will be $4,000 to $14,000 per session. The cost can be based on how much hair is being transplanted. The experience of the surgeon will matter too. An individual can expect 10 to 80% of the transplanted hair to grow back. After the hair transplant, a patient must not wash his hair for at least three to four days. Use smooth, unscented shampoos for at least 1 2 months once you start washing your hair. The patient must not comb or brush new hair for at least one month. After the surgery, your scalp may be very frail. The patient may need to take pain medications for a few days. You have to wear a bandage over your head for at least 2 days. The doctors may prescribe an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory drug. After a few weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out, but you have to wait for new growth for about a few months. Mostly 60% of new hair grows in 6 to 9 months. Some doctors also suggest hair-growing drugs like minoxidil to improve hair growth after the transplantation.
Side effects or Risk factors:
Usually, there are no scars from this sort of hair transplant other than the tiny white dots that fade over time.
If you notice any of the rare scars like:
●Bleeding from the transplanted site
●Infection symptoms
● tingling at the surgery site
● balding continues even after the transplant
The disadvantages we face in this hair transplant are:
This procedure is more time-intensive and costs a little more than the stripped method. The follicles transplanted by this technique may have a low survival rate. We have to be more conscious after the hair transplantation. However, this transplant does not produce a linear scarInstead, and it may cause thousands of scars because of this moth-eaten" scar patterns can occur. If you are searching for the cheap hair transplant in Lahore then you may click and see before & after results

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