Usually we see decorated chairs with beautiful fabric for formal seating for example in hotels, wedding events or corporate functions; Chair covers transform a regular chair into a beautiful royal divan. It is very simple to decorate a chair if you have appropriate material such as fabric, ribbons, etc. usually people use banquette chairs for dining halls or other gatherings. It is easy to cover a banquette chair because its manufacturing is easy. What if you have to dress up a folding chair to give it a formal look! Many people who do not have the knowledge of tailoring avoid decorating folding chairs. Here you will learn how to make folding chair covers without sewing.
Things you will need: suitable fabric, scissors, measuring tape, fabric glue, ribbon and fabric bonding strips.
1. Choose the fabric to make your folding chair cover; it may be organza, silk, satin or cotton. Make sure it is at least 2 feet wider than the chair. You can spare your oblong table cover or twin bed sheets to serve the purpose.
2. Now take out the measuring tape and measure the height, width, seat and legs with it. Get the estimate of the yardage for chair cover by adding all the measurements together. It is better to allow a few extra inches so you can get draped and gathered designs.
3. Now cut the fabric to the exact measurement.
4. Hem all the edges of the fabric by using iron or fusible bonding tape.
5. Arrange the fabric in length on the chair and then pull all the edges of the fabric towards the middle of the sides of your chair.
6. Tie a neat knot with the two edges to keep the cover in one place; you can also use a beautiful ribbon to tie the both ends. Tuck the cloth that drapes from the sides of the chair behind the knot.
7. Now take a piece of ribbon that should be 3 or 4 times longer than the chair's width. Fold the ribbon in half and place it in the center of chair back. Now stick the ribbon with the help of fabric glue on the front side of the cover from left side to the right, pull it to the back of the chair, and tie a knot in bow shape.
8. Check all the edges and attach more ribbons if required for neat finish.
Your folding chair cover is done in these simple steps.

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