Many people believe hypnotherapy to be absurd and consider it a scam. But the ones who have actually tried this method to invoke behavioural change have mostly good feedbacks to give. Before going any further, it is important to have adequate knowledge of what hypnosis is.

Hypnosis is a process in which the mental state of the participant voluntarily makes his/her decisions and actions susceptible to the suggestions of the hypnotist. To the observer, it might appear that the hypnotized person is in a half-conscious state of mind, but the fact is that he/she is in a heightened state instead. Their mind is highly focused and overly suggestible, and might even experience some hallucinations in the process. All these properties make hypnotherapy quite an effective tool to treat trauma, addiction, anxiety, and many other conditions that normal therapy might be ineffective against.

What all can a hypnotherapist treat?
As mentioned above, hypnotherapy has the tendency to make the patient’s mind more susceptible to suggestions of the hypnotherapist, allow easier access to memories, and also to lead to hallucinations. This combination makes hypnotherapy an effective way to treat a number of different medical conditions, and pain management as well.

• A hypnotherapist often treats eating disorders, anxiety, any kind of substance abuse, by identifying the triggers to the cause of the problems in the hypnotic state and rewiring the response of the brain to those particular triggers. For instance, a hypnotherapist for smoking in Dubai has the ability to help a smoker when all the other options seemed to have failed.

• He/she also has the ability to help individuals struggling with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) by revisiting their trauma. The hypnotic state makes it easier for the patients to visit these memories with calmness, which helps them to process through the events without getting triggered.

• The patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s may just recover their memories which were lost to the disease with the help of a competent hypnotherapist.

• Some of the people even use the services of a hypnotherapist as an anaesthetic before certain dental or surgical procedures so that they can ignore the pain by being in the hypnotic state.

However, not all hypnotherapists perform as good of treatment as the best ones that exist. There are certain tips on how to choose the best-suited hypnotist for you, and those are the following.

The first step before opting for a particular hypnotherapist is to run a background check and see if he/she is experienced in the field of your problem. For instance, if you require a hypnotherapist for smoking addiction, then make sure that you hypnotist has previous experience in treating that, and has a high success rate.

Honest approach:
You can judge the honesty of a hypnotherapist by the statistics and previous experiences he/she shares with you. A good hypnotist does not claim to be able to help or treat every single patient. Instead, he/she would be completely honest with you about the limitations of the process.

Hypnosis is quite a powerful and effective tool, but only when the hypnotist is well-experienced and has high a success rate. So, it is necessary to bide your time before choosing your therapist.

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