The mistake that most self-employed people in private practice looking for clients make is that they tell people about what they think they do, instead of the results the client wants to receive. The problem is, people don’t necessarily want a journey; they want a direct route to a solution. Essentially, they want RESULTS, first and foremost.

You see, everyone (including you and me) walks around thinking, “What’s In It For ME?” So, when you describe what you do in terms of a boring process or describe what you do using a label (“I’m an acupuncturist” or “I do financial plans”) you immediately tune out the other person because you’re talking about yourself, not them. And that’s not very Client Attractive.

The key is, it’s got to be about THEM, and that’s what draws people to you. The more you can talk about them, their problems and what solutions are out there for them, the more you’ll start really getting attention from prospects. Better yet, the more clients you’ll sign on.

To take this “focusing on what they really get from you” to a higher level, let’s refer to a list of the top 10 reasons, motivators, results or benefits that make people buy, according to Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel in their ebook entitled “Ebook Secrets Exposed”

Here, according to them, are the most powerful motivators:

1. Make money

2. Save money

3. Save time

4. Avoid effort

5. Get more comfort

6. Achieve greater cleanliness

7. Attain fuller health

8. Escape physical pain

9. Gain praise

10. Be popular

Now, not every one of these fits your business, and most likely, yours fall into the top 4 motivators, unless you’re in healthcare or image, then it usually falls within the last 6. Either way, it’s time for you to narrow them down into motivators from the Top Ten list above.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

Circle the motivators from the list above that fit your business and then list an example of how this has already happened using real client examples.

Which of these does your service provide? Write down the “Motivators” that fit your business.

Now provide concrete client examples that apply to past clients, for each. (“I helped Client A make money when…,” “I helped Client B save money when…”)

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