“A sale begins anywhere you get your foot in the door. A sale ends in the C-suite.”

Never doubt that C-level executives are involved in the initiation and approval of a sale. But you must interview the C-level executives first to learn what's important to them before presenting. Then show you'll deliver the results and benefits that each one personally wants. Don’t assume all the C-level execs want the same – they usually don’t. In this way you’ll win each C-level executive's vote, and you'll continue selling to that account.

To build credibility and trust with C-level execs, score high on each C-level exec's measuring system. Focus your presentation on what s/he said was important and/or desired and you’ll score high in your initial and subsequent visits. If you do, the sales will continue.

You can leverage C-level relationships in the C-Suite for coaching, critical information, cross sales, and introductions to other C-Suite executives and their subordinates.

Test Question (True/False):

It’s not really important to aim beyond the committees or subordinates of a company. The C-levels are usually not involved and the sales decision lies with the committees or subordinates; win them over and you'll keep getting the sales.

Answer: False

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