I had to share this with you
I had a meeting this morning with a guy who was very passionate about what he does;
He told me all he wants is to help people – move from where they are to where they want to be .
As you can imagine we were totally in sync!
He’s very into NLP – although he doesn’t call it that – he just ‘does’ and ‘says’ ; in other words ‘walks the walk’ and ‘talks the talk’.
I like that
I felt like I’d known him for ages
But here’s the thing
He’s great with acronyms
He makes them up
And this is the one I want to share with everyone because – IT ROCKS!!

Don’t you just love it?
I did – so had to write it down
This guy really believes it too –
He’s passionate about what he does
You could feel the energy
How refreshing to talk with someone who’s not trying to scam me, sell me something or tell me what’s good for me
His passion inspired me to write and tell you all about this
To stay – FOCUS(ED)
To be – FOCUS(ED)

Tomorrow is September 1st – we’re three quarters through the year – how much have you achieved this year?
Are you where you want to be or are you just pretending?
Did you make ‘New Years’ Resolutions’ only to break them by middle of Jan?
What’s going on with you?
Are you just marking time – in a job, with your health, with your weight, with your relationships, with your life?
Or are you actually making a difference?
Thrilled to get up in the morning to see what contribution you can make to the world?
Do you want to make a difference but don’t know what, how, why?
Or is it too much and you can’t be bothered?
If you think this year has gone fast, what are you doing on a daily basis to make it better – for yourself, your family, your friends, your world?
You do know don’t you that what we think about becomes true for us –
Think good stuff – it will happen
Think bad – yup – that will happen too
Make the commitment to do better, be better, have better, live better every single day –
It’s your life – Live it
To the best of your ability
Give all you can to each moment
Do something that makes your heart sing
Be healthy
Be Alive
Have energy
Love with all your Heart
Live with all your Being
Not just for a couple of days, or weeks, but always, every day.
Show the world you care and you will be blessed in thousands and thousands of ways – not just money but the way you are treated.
‘do unto others as you would have done to you’
Get a goal – see it in your mind’s eye – use a vision board – (that’s where you put lots of pictures on a board of stuff you want – the huge house, the car, the dream holidays, the yacht – whatever it is – look at that vision board every day – and say – out loud – I deserve the very best. ) go test drive the car, go look at the house.
Then really really, not just want it but be determined to get it – and take ACTION – anything you need to do to get it (legally of course!)
Taking action is to important – no point in seeing all this stuff and just thinking it will just drop out of the sky.
Trust me – it won’t.
Make it Happen
Put it out there, take the action and it will happen.
And remember
FOCUS – Forget Obstacles Concentrate (on) Unbelievable Success
All the best ideas, plans, came from people who ‘failed’ hundreds and hundreds of times
Chrysler making his first car, Thomas Edison with his light bulb……….. all ‘failures’ !!!
It’s called perseverance
It’s easy to keep going when the going is good –it’s when it’s not so good or even when its ‘bad’ that you need to keep going.
Winston Churchill said – ‘never give up, never give up, never ever give up!!
He had a point –
You only ‘fail’ if you quit. Keep going and you will succeed.
There is no real failure only feedback.
Every single thing we do whether its work or home related, to do with our bodies, working out, losing weight, relationships, our business or jobs – works on the same principle. What you put out there, what you put into it – is what you get back. Put effort, tenacity, perseverance, love, into what you do and you will succeed. Not necessarily in the way you expect but you will succeed. And just keep doing it.
Forget Obstacles Concentrate on Unbelievable Successes
And Have a Great Day

Author's Bio: 

I've been on my own personal development journey for many years, discovering, learning and studying with some of the very best experts in their fields.
I’ve always worked in a people environment helping and advising so it seemed a natural progression for me to move from that to becoming a personal development coach.
I believe very much that unless you re-programme your negative beliefs and thoughts you'll never 'move on' and that could be with relationships, weight loss, health, career, money.
Using the very powerful and effective processes of EFT, NLP, and Hypnosis, I motivate and steer people toward living the lives they want rather than what they 'should' or been told to. This gives them the opportunity to truly live the life they deserve.
I believe that what we put out there we get back and the only way to improve our lives is by ‘reprogramming’ our mindset.
The 3 greatest internal blocks people have are fear, self doubt and procrastination. When we release those we can be, do, have whatever it is we truly desire.
Like a computer when the 'hardware' isn't congruent with the 'software' no advancement can be made when we are out of sync; and it's the same with our brains. If we say one thing – and believe in our subconscious something totally, different we’ll never make the changes we think we want. Our thoughts and beliefs are what makes us tick so whatever the issue whether it’s relationships, work/career, money, self esteem, confidence; I help people look at what is holding them back and help them release those ties enabling them to go forward with whatever it is they desire. . You have to be ready and willing to make the changes. Affirmations are wonderful tools but useless without that one major ingredient – Action!
Once you take the Action, are consistent and make the commitment – YOU make it happen
With Persistence plus Confidence YOU equal Success