I’ve got some interesting facts to share with you today about flying private.

It’s actually way cheaper than flying business class and even tons cheaper than flying first-class.
I’m sure this does seem almost too good to be true, but it is. it’s not uncommon that private jets flying empty on half the route, yet staff, fuel and other expenses are usually already purchased in full. Therefore, an empty leg with a personal jet could technically be cheaper than flying an equivalent distance on one of those big commercial airplanes!
When renting a personal jet, the value isn’t per person, it’s normally calculated in hours unlike in commercial flights, which means a some people, say seven or more, coming together and renting a personal jet might be cheaper than buying an equivalent number of airline tickets. It’s even cheaper than first-class tickets!
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It’s faster as hell
The world's fastest commercial flight may be a privately owned plane, but generally, the private jets are even as fast if not faster than commercial jet. Speed depends on the dimensions of the aircraft, a little plane is slightly slower, and a medium sized is marginally faster than a billboard flight. However, what makes travelling on a personal jet more convenient and fewer time consuming is that the incontrovertible fact that the time you spend on the bottom is slimmed down immensely. The flight time also can be shorter thanks to the very fact that the route itself are often more direct, which also saves tons of your time .

Did you recognize you'll increase productivity by up to a 150%?
Business Aviation drives a rise of about 150% in productive working time because of the absence of layovers in-between airports, which prevents employees from having to figure intermittently. Private jets also recreate the right conditions for silence and concentration when this is often needed. Fewer restrictions on board and more tolerance for carry-on baggage and liquids also contribute to making efficiencies for passengers. When passengers fly a multi-trip journey for business, they will visit multiple customers on an equivalent day, thus leveraging costs. Although prices for flights are still above business class tickets, aside from empty leg flights, companies and individuals can invest in productivity.

Show up to the airport at any time and still begin in 10 minutes.

Access to more airports for landing

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