When I was five years old I had what I can only describe as an out of body travel experience. I found myself transported to a different landscape than where I lived and was used to. I was in a vast terrain of jagged and rugged looking mountains and deep valleys. I was standing on a mountainside. There seemed to be no people or buildings around but it was very beautiful and temperate. I then felt and saw a large creature beside me. It would have normally been scary to me but I felt intense feelings of love emanating from this large and strange creature. Could it really be a dragon? He was scaly and extremely large, had a long tail and what looked like wings. I thought such creatures were only in story books and not real. However this one was definitely real. He towered over me and then bowed his head down to be level with my own. The love was so powerful and gentle. There was a familiar knowing of our souls and he talked to me in my mind. We were apparently friends. He asked me if I would get on his back and he would transport me to the other side of the valley. I did so without hesitation. It was a most wonderful feeling to fly freely across the large and beautiful expanse of this strange place. It seemed too short of a ride, but I was then put down gently on the other side of the valley and we continued our conversation of feelings. It was becoming a sad good bye way too soon. It felt like we had just met again and here it was already time to go. He gave me more feelings of love and gentleness and great friendship. I asked if I would see him again and he told me it would not be for what would be a very long time. I was a little sad but still so in awe of the whole experience. I found myself back in my bedroom of that time, wide awake. I was still marvelling at the feeling of flying with that dragon and how real it was. I was then aware I was questioning of the journey and that my guide, Many Tail Feathers was there in the room with me reassuring me that it was most definitely real.

Consciousness is in a constant state of showing us where we are, yet there are many levels or stations of consciousness to be shown. I feel we are each our own unique vibration and perspective of view. This is the magic and diversity that is our purpose. We each through our own individual experience shine our own viewpoint on whatever we see and do. This is all how we as part of the wholeness of the All or God source experience Self. We all have dream states and out of body states and some experience coma states as well as many in between. Each is unique and custom suited to show or teach us what we need most at the time. None can truly say that one is real and another is not. It is nice to find those that agree or experience similar or same things as us, but even with those there will be variances. Ask two people who saw the same accident, what happened. You will find that they both have a similar but sometimes different scenarios. We have to appreciate and respect others interpretations and more than that realize that uniqueness should be celebrated. People like to have what they call solid proof, but that may not be done easily. The only proof we really get is that of our own making. What if what we believe is what we experience. We may wish to experience a more positive and magical life, and it may be as easy to manifest as believing it.

Author's Bio: 

Debora Christy Love
A near death experience at a young age began Debora's awakened spiritual journey. Debora is clairvoyant and tunes in to energy fields and spirit for messages that will assist you in your daily life. Working at their home business of Barrie Spiritual, Services & Classes, Debora shares spiritual insight in her client readings and empowers others to be happy, healthy and free within themselves. Debora is a certified Hypnotist and Past Life Regressionist. Debora also practices as a Quantum Touch practitioner and Reiki Master, Teacher. Debora enjoys creating art and music. Her music and song album Love Will Find A Way is available where music downloads are available and is author of There Is Love, My Near Death Experience And Beyond, Available on Amazon, both paperback and kindle.