Currently in Australia the Mining industry is providing the most opportunities for employment , coupled with the ability to earn higher then normal wages for jobs in the city.

But to at what cost does earning that high income have, when essentially you have two options to work in the mines, Community based or Fly in Fly out mining jobs.

Community Based Mining Jobs

Is simple, you live in the local community that is situated near the mine.  By doing so you become part of the community contributing to the local economy, potentially supporting other services, such as Schools or Hospitals.  Your family (if you have one), are there with you enjoying what the local community has to offer, such as local sporting teams, local shops, local attractions.

Fly In Fly Out Mining Jobs

Is, where you generally live in a larger coastal city, and fly in and fly out FIFO (or Drive in Drive out DIDO ) to the mine to work your shift roster.  The first issue people find, is family, which will stay in the city, and you are away from them for your rotational roster, which means potentially missing birthdays, or anniversaries.

Depending on the mine and its location, you are either in a Mining camp or made to find accommodation in the local town.  now if you are looking at the local accommodation options, keep in mind Rental Supply and Demand is alive in this towns, where you can expect to pay up to $3000 AUD for weekly accommodation. And depending on your employment agreement you could be made to pay for some if not all of this out of your own wages.  This can lead to having to share your accommodation with other people to help  manage cost.  So make sure your well aware of what the true cost of having a Fly in Fly out job will be.

When you are in a Fly in Fly out Mining Job, and working you rotational roster, you will have free time or down time whether it is in a Mining Camp or in a house or unit.  Make sure you have plenty to keep you busy, Books, study or a fitness plan to undertake.

Just the same when you are at home, you need to make sure you have plenty to keep busy with.  You can sometimes have days or weeks where you are at home of your roster.  Make sure you have plenty to keep busy with, such as family time, sports or even gardening.

Fly In fly Out mining jobs can and will put pressure on your relationships, you need to make sure you have clear communication lines open,  Decide together with your partner how long you will be doing the job, talk to your family about what things that the family can get to enjoy, from you working this type of job.

There are plenty of support opportunities for people in FIFO roles as well, wheather it is a comunnity support or support given through the company you work for, take advantage of these opportunities, it really can make a difference in how you manage the stress involved with a Fly in Fly Out Mining Job.

Fly in Fly Out Mining Jobs. Are still very sought after, but what is the real cost of these type of roles.

Author's Bio: 

After spending years suffering from mental and physical abuse growing up, followed by years of depression and soul destroying self-doubt I took stock of my life and left a 12 hour a day, well-paying job and a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom mansion to travel the world, study Buddhist teachings and do volunteer work in Australia and Africa. I also studied counseling, life coaching and familiarized myself with many self help products.