These days, people are looking to develop apps more rapidly with less cost and so searching which framework best fits their app idea. Selecting a framework with best features and understandable architecture is not that much easy as it seems. In 2020, Flutter is a popular framework among the developer community and it offers many pre-configured widgets and modules for native apps. Whereas, NativeScript is a JavaScript-Based framework which offers complete native-like functionality with multi-platform compatibility options. Despite the fact that NativeScript and Flutter are similar in some aspects, they are diverse in terms of system components, architecture, size, cost of development, and so on. You might wonder which framework to choose, so before choosing the best framework, you must know the comparison Flutter Vs NativeScript.

Before digging to the comparison, know the basics of flutter and NativeScript.

It is an open-source framework which functions with a language called Dart(created by google). Generally it is addressed as an enhanced UI toolkit used to build cross-platform applications with a single codebase. It provides accessibility to develop expressive and flexible UI with native performance. Also, it is supported and contributed by Google team and the entire flutter community. This framework is used to build Apps with material design, advanced OS plugins with simple logic, high performance apps with Skia rendering engine, flexible UI with high-level widgets, Reactive applications with vast data integration.

Google Ads, Alibaba, eBay, BMW, Reflectly are some of the popular apps built with Flutter framework.

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