Promotions don’t happen all the time, so when they do happen, it’s a time to celebrate. Make your friend feel special by giving flowers.

Telling your friend who got promoted “congratulations” is normal. While you could just simply say this instead of doing anything else, sometimes it seems not enough. It’s too basic, too normal and it’s like you aren’t even trying at all, especially for someone so close to you. If this person is such a friend, then make him or her feel even more special and cherished by doing more than just saying “congratulations.”

You can give a bouquet of flowers. Why flowers? Because they are beautiful and simple to get. They also have different kinds of meaning. You would want to know which ones are appropriate to give on occasions or celebrations such as a promotion.

Convey how proud you are of that friend. Any of these flowers would be a great way in saying your congratulations.


Tulips represent fame. If your friend likes it the tongue-and-cheek kind of way, then have tulips in your bouquet and make her feel famous, albeit temporarily. Since tulips come in any colour, be creative in which ones you choose and maybe put in a lot of their favourite colours too. If you’re going to be giving them flowers, might as well make it their favourite.


Though roses are naturally the flowers for love, they aren’t always just all about love. If you give exactly 25 roses to your friend, it significantly means congratulations as well. You can give a friend in Thailand flowers that include roses, for example. They would also be a great addition to a bouquet you are arranging for her if you want to give a variety of flowers. Just make sure that there is exactly 25 of them or else your friend is going to be getting mixed signals.


Daises are the flowers that signify friendship, a perfect type of flower for you to give your friend. Very platonic, and definitely will not be sending some confusing signals to your friend, if he or she were ever an expert about flower meanings, but why risk it? Might as well give daisies to show your appreciation.


Carnations have a lot of meanings that could either be rejection (if you pick the striped ones, so make sure to avoid those) to innocence or accomplishments. In this case, we are aiming for the accomplishments. Also, carnations are very beautiful, making them a wonderful pick for the congratulations bouquet you plan on giving your friend.


Daffodils are equally just as beautiful as the rest of the flowers on this list. However, never give someone just one bloom of daffodil. Giving one is equal to misfortune, while a bunch of them means new beginnings. Since promotions are indeed new beginnings, it is safe to say that giving your friend a bunch of daffodils will be equal to congratulating them. It is like you are giving them good luck on their journey from here on out.

Don’t hold back when you want to show your appreciation and pride for your friend. While you can probably just post about your congratulations on social media, it doesn’t really compare to when you are sending them a gift.

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