There weren’t any actual mountains on our Earth, just elevated land on some of the continents. It didn’t occur until after there was another shift in the Earth crust creating mountain ranges on certain continents along with the help of the ocean sea pressure.

Ninety million years ago the angiosperms emerged from the early Cretaceous seas and soon overran the continents. These land plants suddenly appeared along with fig trees, magnolias, and tulip trees. Soon after this time fig trees, breadfruit trees, and palms overspread Europe and the western plains of North America.

Another 15 million years would go by before another great plant-life evolution took place. Among the land plants the angiosperms predominated an many present-day trees first appeared, including beech, birch, oak, walnut, sycamore, maple, and modern pals. Fruits, grasses, and cereals were abundant, and these seed-bearing grasses and trees were to the plant world what the ancestors of man were to the animal world—they were second in evolutionary importance only to the appearance of man himself.

Suddenly, the great flowering plants mutated. And this new flora soon overspread the entire world.

When it comes to my fondness of plants and trees, I had captured the spirit of a tree waking up in my backyard, and it was more like being the right place at the right time. I had gotten up early one morning trying to take a picture of a pesky squirrel that continued to tease our male cat, Goku. Goku liked to sit near the sliding glass door in our kitchen and look out. This pesky squirrel, for reasons unknown, would come on the back porch close to the glass window as if saying, “Come and get me, sucker!” I had decided to write a children’s picture story about it, and, of course, I needed some photos to go with it. Now, that’s why I was there and it had absolutely nothing to do in capturing a tree’s spirit.

At one time, when I was teaching in Florida, a co-worker of mine swore that trees could communicate with each other. I didn’t believe him. But, after capturing a tree’s spirit on camera, I did!

(In Memory of Dad)
Quote: When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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