When most people think of deserts they think of sand, cactus plant and tumbleweed. But the people living in desert area has a different opinion, they say that the desert is a beautiful area full of colors after the spring season. The same beauty can be replicated in our garden with good garden design. An additional benefit of the desert gardening is that it requires low maintenance and do not require watering and mulching. A garden designed with desert plants much suit for hot climate. Along with the desert plants some flowering plants will enrich its beauty.

Because there is a wide range of climatic conditions and temperature variations in the desert, from dry and hot during the day to cool at night, desert plants also do quite well in regions with cooler climates provided that rainfall is not excessive. Desert plants have evolved to conserve water and thrive under drought type conditions. Standing water or excessive moisture (such as too much rain) will cause vegetation to rot.

A surprising variety of plants grow in the desert including wildflowers, grasses, cacti, succulents, shrubs, and trees. When flowers are in bloom they display a dazzling array of colors. In addition, many desert plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures, many of them quite dramatic in color and form. To ensure that our desert garden will thrive, use plant species that are hardy in our region. Consult the county extension service or a local nursery for more information. Yucca, agavas, desert willow, mesquite, saltbush, cacti and desert sage are some of the desert plants capable of growing in our garden.

All these plants provide a structural view to our garden. Desert willow is a large fast growing deciduous shrub with grayish-green leaves and showy white to pink flower clusters. It has an upright habit and prefers full sun. Saltbush is a small shrub with silvery leaves that grows 3 to 6 feet tall. It prefers full sun and will tolerate soils with high levels of mineral salts. It is often used for erosion control. Cacti are planted for their beautiful flowers. There are so many varieties that some people plant entire gardens of them.

Desert sage plants are evergreen shrubs with silvery-gray foliage that grow up to 4 feet tall. Desert sage has fragrant foliage and fragrant flowers that are bluish-purple in color and attract butterflies and birds. Good garden designs with few kinds of these desert plants enrich the beauty of the available space for the same. Along with the desert plants some rock arrangements also enrich the garden beauty. Lot of us have many ideas in improving our home gardens, but in these kind of garden design money is not an issue and our dream of good garden fulfill.

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