The search for Affordable Florida Home Owner Insurance must begin way before the clear blue sky changes in color and is replaced by dark ominous clouds, an obvious indication that the rain is going to fall. As a result, beginning in the 1990's, Florida started to impose special assessments on every Florida homeowners insurance policy issued and created a state-run insurance company of last resort that is called Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to ensure that everyone in Florida can get home insurance coverage for their home.

To keep providing protection, the government finally decided to step into the market with Citizens Property Insurance Corporation in 2002. It is a not-for-profit organization, providing property coverage for any resident of the state who finds it difficult to get protection from other companies.

Government-established insurance corporations exist for many good reasons. In Florida and Louisiana, premium fees for almost all types of policies including cars, home, and casualties are more expensive compared to most states in the U.S. mainly because of the states' geographical and demographical conditions.

Hating Florida homeowner’s insurance companies has become a very popular pastime. After all, many well-known national companies started leaving the state after Hurricane. After the Florida hurricanes of 2004 and 2005, more companies continued to dramatically increase both their prices and their home insurance cancellations. Citizen’s property insurance is simply the insurance geared for individuals in full property coverage consideration.

Residents of Florida have two simple choices when it comes to home and property insurance; either they have to go through a lengthy process of insurance application approval with private companies or simply pay a more expensive premium to government-established insurance.

Citizens Insurance is tax-exempt, sponsored by the state government. It offers coverage for homeowners including condominium owners and single-family. The organization also provides premium credit for certain additional features of a property which can help to reduce hurricane damages.

Review your home and property insurance at least once a year. Start with a replacement policy and adjust your coverage as you see fit. Your home and property quotes will depend on the square footage, construction, and location of your home.

There are two most important characteristics of Citizens Insurance in Florida. First, they allow the people to apply and get approval quickly. Second, they should be considered the last resorts for people who simply cannot acquire coverage through the existing market. In signing up insurance for your physical property, ensure the policy is well written on every risk basis as an all-risk basis policy will help to cover you on virtually anything.

Citizen’s property insurance includes protection against most risks to your personal property. Coverage includes fire, theft, and weather damage. Insure your home against floods, earthquakes, or faulty home insurance policies. Replacement cost coverage pays the entire cost of replacing your property. This type of coverage is not conditioned on depreciation or appreciation. This is simply a replacement cost.

Citizens Insurance sets the highest premium rate compared to other private companies. It gives easy approval, but you have to pay more for that convenience. To get the cheapest possible premium, you can do a little research and make a comparison between companies. Private insurance companies are a little bit reluctant to approve the applications. To address such difficulties, the government provides Citizens Insurance for residents to apply and quickly get the coverage they need.

The Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is a way for Florida homeowners to get coverage but it is a last resort. This state-created insurance program is required by law to charge more than private insurance companies in order to be noncompetitive. So while this helps the problem of not being able to get the coverage it does nothing to help the problem of being overcharged for it.

The aftermath of these natural disasters has regrettably seen many other people unceremoniously dropped by insurers, with many companies abandoning the state altogether. Those homeowners abandoned by their private insurers are turning more and more to the state-created insurer Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (CPIC) even though by law CPIC has to charge higher premiums than private insurers in order to be non-competitive.

However, hurricanes and heavy rains are a part of life and when these weather conditions do occur they leave in their wake massive amounts of damage and ruin to homes and property. This makes finding the home owners insurance you can qualify for and afford a challenge, but not impossible. It allows Florida's state-run insurance company - Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to start raising its rates as much as 10% per year starting in 2010 as part of a multi-year process to move the company towards more actuarially sound rates.

While the purchase, it will never offer any kind of defense against the elements, it will provide a means of recouping the value of the damage incurred to your home by way of monetary payments. Obviously, it is worth it to take the time to find the lowest premiums for the most coverage possible. However many homeowners do not do any research and they either purchase inadequate insurance or pay high premiums without doing any comparison at all.

If the area you live in Florida is designated "high risk" finding private homeowners insurance may not be easy. But if you use your time wisely online and do some comparison shopping since almost all insurance companies and agents have websites, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find and that you qualify for it that won't break your budget.

The company has his own insurance agents. You can get a fair discount with them as in many others companies. Citizens insurance works mainly in Florida and Michigan, but it is getting bigger and now is possible to get insurance with them in many others states.

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