Getting a good flood insurance policy especially if you reside on highly or frequently flooded areas, is a must. This is one of the best ways to safeguard your family from sudden loss of income, property, and even lives.  A flood insurance Florida is designed to cover direct damages that are caused by flood on a particular area. However, it is first vital to define what flood is. In layman's term, it is the concentration of excessive water on normally dry land areas. Flood is characterized by: mudflow, an overflow of tidal waters, rapid or abnormal accumulation of water from a definite source, and a calamitous collapse of land area along a body of water which is caused by soil erosion, strong water currents or waves.

In getting a flood insurance policy, however, there are some important facts that you need to know.  First off, you must understand that in purchasing contents coverage, you need to do it on a separate basis. Second, a flood insurance plan is definitely not a valued insurance policy. Valued policies are deigned to pay particular limits of liability during a situation of total property loss. Flood insurance plans, on the other hand merely pays off damages or costs that are within the policy limit. This means that only the cost of damages are covered during an event of total property loss. And finally, a flood insurance policy is not an assurance for a replacement cost. Guaranteed replacement costs insurance policies cover the expenses needed to rebuild your home in spite of the liability limit.

So what is covered by a flood insurance policy? Basically, the only aspect that a flood insurance policy covers is the physical damage that is caused by the flood to your house and property. For instance, if certain damage, say a sewage backup, is directly caused by the flooding, then the insurance policy will cover this. Similar problems will also be covered by the insurance policy. Nevertheless, a flood insurance Florida is very essential for you and your family.

flood insurance Florida

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