Floating shelves are creating a buzz in the design world and for good reasons. First of all they are extremely easy to install. They literally provide easiest way to instantly increase your storage capacity. It saves you from the burden of buying new furniture. They work hassle free, no matter how much space you have on your wall they only require vertical real estate. Not just being within your reach, they also look great. Here are some ideas that you can use and create your own functional floating shelves.

1. Floating shelves are a great addition to pretty much any room of your house. But they seem to be a great deal for kitchen. It literally just makes your kitchen much more organized and pretty. These shelves make it easier to grab items while you cook and clean. Those enclosed cabinets gives a hard time with the cabinet doors and the small area inside them. Plus these shelves add an extra perch to display décor in an otherwise task centric room.

2. These shelves are the best friends of books. You can create a cozy corner reading book in your bedroom. Paint your walls with dark color, plush fabrics, and some emotive artwork. The floating shelves just make your reading corner more special as you can reach all your books efficiently. They add organization to your décor as well.

3. Whether your space has a customized niche or you want to recreate it by quirking it up a notch, floating shelves works for both the cases. The classy creations from oak woods comes in variant colors to make your oak shelves look much more fun.

4. There are various options to design your floating shelf. You can try out different colors, composition and material matching your profile type. A thicker shelf can be more assertive, while the thin ones will allow the decorative items to take the center stage.

5. These oak shelves will be a life-saver in your bathroom as well. Usually the bathroom shelves are not big enough to occupy all of your stuff at once. With these floating shelves you can maximize your area and arrange of your necessary items accordingly.

6. A small tip to decorate your dining room, hallway or entry, take two floating cubic shelves and make them function as pedestals to your vases. This will add color to your dining room and bring out the best work in display.

7. Another way to arrange your floating shelves can be making it bold and over-the-top. Decorate it in a certain way that maximum emphasis is on the material and shape. Focusing on the material and shape also makes them look minimalistic.

These are just some of the ideas which you can apply while installing the oak shelves. Not only these, you can build up your own design and create new and different patterns to design any of the rooms of your house. Floating shelves are truly function and stylish. It is the most trending design with modern houses.

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