Flirting SMS or text flirting: it is not important what you want to call it. What's important is that text flirting could be your answer to building deep attraction with her quickly. There are at least 3 main reasons why you should text: 1) texting will remind her of you and you want to be on her mind constantly, 2) re-establishing and furthering your connection with her is relatively easy with text messages and 3) text messages are one of the most effective channels for teasing and bantering with her (which is great for flirting.

Nowadays, Flirting SMS and in particular, guys (and girls) using texts to flirt has gotten so popular that Shape and Men's Fitness Magazine released the below results in their 2010 Sex Survey:

* Sending text messages is most couples' number 1 mode of communication with one another.
* Men are texting about 40% more than they are calling. Women are texting close to 150% more than they are calling.
* Almost 70% of respondents have "sexted" in the past
* Almost 70% of respondents say that they have been asked on a date from a text message.
* Almost 50% of girls and 30% of men say that they have broken up through a text message.

So Yes, texting is effective for attraction. And yes, below is a list of flirting SMS texts that are proven to be successful for most other guys:


- Surprise!!!
- Knock knock…
- What's my favorite little troll been up to?
- I just made you check your phone for no reason. Sounds like I have you in check…
- Hey munchkin, I'll bet my weekend can beat up your weekend.
- What kind of trouble are you getting into now?
- I am luring women to my house with candy, which do you prefer, twix or kit kat?
- Hey, do me a favor and text me back right now. A simple Hi will do. My friends don’t believe me when I say retards can text. We’ll prove 'em wrong lil buddy!
- Hey princess, I just went to the aquarium and saw the most adorable fish that reminded me of you…
- Are you smiling? If you're not, just think of me!
- Aliens are coming soon to abduct all the good looking and sexy ass people on this planet! Don't worry though, you’ll be safe. I’m just sending you a text message to tell you goodbye.
- I miss you and wanna see you, but this stupid worker won’t let me in the zoo. Is it possible for you to escape?
- Do you know a blue whales tongue weighs as much as an elephant?! That’s crazy. Gotta love Animal Planet on the lunch break…
- I just saw your doppleganger!
- You just popped into my head so Hi…now please stay out of there.
- Anytime I look at you, I smile. When you walk, I laugh. Whenever you talk, I feel happy. I don't know why, but retarded people are really amusing to me!


- What an awesome night!
- I hope u made it home safely
- Don't dream of me too much...


- I must say, out of all the [first name] [last name]‘s I know…you're probably the one I like the most.
- I don't know if you've got a boyfriend, but if you do, he should spank you more often!
- Awwww, you’re so sweet. I think you're making me get diabetes.
- I'm not sure we should be doing this anymore. I’m more than just a boy toy, you know.


- I was just thinking of u…
- There's something about you that just always makes me smile.

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