Mountain climber, Ed Viesturs, climbed the world’s 14 highest peaks, without the use of supplemental oxygen. Viesturs describes the expeditions in his book, There are No Shortcuts to the Top. The way I see it, Viesturs synchronized with the spiritual perception of persistence and judgment. This is in contrast with trying to go along with the human perception of persistence and judgment, alias stubbornness and opinion.

Human beings find it counterintuitive to synchronize with spiritual perspectives. We are trained to act as though human perceptions are reality. But, human perceptions can be walked away from, sometimes easily, sometimes with a struggle. However, the impossible becomes possible when we follow instruction similar to what we read in 21st Century Science and Health, “Put an end to the chatter in your head and calmly enter spiritual consciousness.” The chatter is the human perceptions.

It is no small task to quiet the chatter in our heads, let alone harmonize with spiritual perceptions. Too often the chatter paralyzes us into doing nothing to save our self. Or, it causes us to forge ahead into an avalanche of doom, especially after immense time, energy, and money has been invested in a human goal.

However, spiritual perceptions are superior, supreme. Spiritual consciousness attracts us to expanded views. Synchronicity with spiritual perceptions can occur in our everyday experiences. For example.

When our daughter was young, she accidently stepped on broken glass with her bare feet. We quickly removed the glass shards and washed her feet carefully. However, we unknowingly missed some splinters and the skin grew over them. The glass pieces were positioned so that when our daughter walked downhill, a sting was felt.

The idea of flawlessness is possible. However, a human perception of a flawless foot would urge us to get a needle, penetrate the flesh, and start digging the scoundrel pieces of glass out of our daughter’s foot.
We wanted to quiet this chatter and enter spiritual consciousness in order to synchronize with a spiritual perception of flawlessness.

As a student of Christian Science, I’ve learned that divine Spirit is not only flawless substance, but also impenetrable substance. Nothing broken can enter spiritual consciousness. As the image of Spirit, our daughter expresses substantial flawlessness. It was important that I not treat this principle as though it was some belief to accept blindly.

The principle of substantial flawlessness can be understood and acted on. This meant identifying our being with God via mental treatment. Although our metaphysical treatment ran against the educated belief we are penetrable human beings, we spent a few days affirming our flawless spirituality.

Two evenings later, our daughter called me into her bedroom. She showed me the bottom of her foot. It had a small hollowed out pit in it. No raw skin. No pain. You could almost lay a dime in the indentation. We were in awe. Obviously the glass pieces were removed. Within a couple more days, our daughter showed me a smooth foot; flawless.

We don’t need to be buffaloed into thinking we have to go along with human perceptions; even though that is the way it has always been done. Experiencing our intact, safe, flawless, progressive, intuitive, and strong spiritual being is not only possible, but more often guarantees reaching the human goal.

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Cheryl Petersen's book 21st Century Science and Health is the first major revision and update of Mary Baker Eddy's textbook on metaphysical healing, Science and Health. It can be found online at Healing Science Today