Are you struggling to express your tech brand internationally? Do you feel like your tech brand needs a brand uplift/ a brand campaign to improve engagement? Are you looking for innovative ways to show the relevance of your brand? An award-winning creative branding & marketing agency helping tech businesses – 3 Colours Rule is what you need. Flavilla Fongang and her team will help you improve the value of your business to project the optimal brand credibility, improve your brand value, engage prospects, team members & consequently grow your brand more effectively.

Woman-of-Influence in Tech.

Flavilla Fongang’s journey in the tech industry started a few years ago when she took the drastic decision for her agency to work predominantly with tech companies. Flavilla always advises entrepreneurs and businesses to pick a niche, so she had to apply what she preaches. So, she chose technology.

Flavilla quickly realised the importance of technology as it enables humans to expand their potential at a significant scale. However, a larger proportion of great tech companies fail compared to other industries because of the lack of ability in articulating their value and offerings. She was keen to support them and help them succeed so they could make an impact on the world.

Flavilla Fongang has raised her power of influence in the tech industry through raising her personal brand and positioned herself as a thought leader. She developed business approaches that help companies scale. Flavilla is also a BBC brand strategist, keynote speaker, and a woman of influence in technology.

Truly Engaging Entrepreneur

Flavilla Fongang interviews tech Extraordinaires who fit 3 Colours Rule’s target profile (Tech Brains Talk). Tech Brains Talk is a magazine which allows the company to maximise its brand reach through various formats. Flavilla arrived in England without speaking a word of English. She was not born in a well-connected environment that would know to support her entrepreneurial aspirations, so she had to build her network for herself. She networks continuously to build her net worth. Flavilla also takes the initiative to look and ask for successful individuals in business to mentor her which opened up doors to more opportunities.

Inspire Girls to Dream-Big

Growing up, the only woman who inspired her to become the person she is today was her mother. Flavilla Fongang realised the importance of representation when she moved to London and her aspirations grew further. She saw more representation of successful black people in the UK compare to what she saw in France. With the lack of represented black women in technology, Flavilla decided to make her mission to support, elevate, and showcase black women in technology, to inspire more young black girls to dream big. “We humans, are mirrors of our aspirations and that’s why representation matters”, quotes Flavilla.

Dynamic and Enthusiastic Lecturer

“The most vital traits a businesswoman must possess is self-worth and confidence to understand her true power. Every businesswoman should master the art of selling and negotiating to get what she deserves in a man’s world. Every businesswoman should be bold and never be afraid to take the leap of faith. The biggest challenge for the next generation of women would be to feel sufficient in a world that keeps demanding more. A strong role model should not be afraid to show her flaws. Less women should feel the pressure to always be perfect.” advises Flavilla Fongang.

Award-winning for a Reason

Flavilla Fongang is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and the Founder of 3 Colours Rule, an award-winning branding and neuromarketing agency. Computer Weekly named her among the top 5 most influential women in tech in the UK, and she was also awarded the “She’s Mercedes” businesswoman award by Mercedes Benz. Through her agency, she has helped her clients scale their brands nationally and internationally.

Flavilla Fongang is a respected brand strategist with neuromarketing expertise and the creator of the D.A.C. system and the “Beyond marketing” strategy. Flavilla is the brand advisor for the BBC and provides regular actionable brand strategy advice on live radio and TV. She is also the founder of Tech London Advocates for Black Women in Tech. She hosts the Tech Brains Talk podcast, providing insights and advice to tech entrepreneurs and companies. She is also the author of “99 strategies to get customers”.

A Creative Genius

“When it comes to technology, it can have positive or negative effects on our mental health. I choose to not follow all trends and only stick to the ones that provide the convenience that I seek, and the least distraction.

We should encourage more work experience early on as it helps women build confidence and find fulfilment in the right career. We expect young people to choose their future career too soon. They should spend more time exploring the real world before committing to one career for the rest of their life. That is why we have so many people doing a job that they do not love. They should be allowed to explore the real business world through various experiences.”, states Flavilla Fongang.

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