Every night before I go to bed. I write out 10 successes for the day. Some days they're monumental other days they're not but no matter how big or small I celebrate them all. By writing your successes, you focus on your successes; . you will draw more success to you. Whatever we focus on expands.

You've got talent!

You've got skills!

What are you doing with it? .

Are you proud like a peacock about your accomplishments.? When people give you a compliment do you have a difficult time accepting it and saying thank you? Perhaps you're modest and feel that if you acknowledge yourself it will be interpreted like you're bragging. Are you afraid you will come across as brash, arrogant or "Uppity-up."?

Celebrating success is an understandable and universally practiced phenomenon. If you got it. Why aren't you flaunting it? . You've heard that saying before but somehow it has a negative connotation. I don't think there's anything wrong with putting yourself out there. . To flaunt means ''to display proudly, even flamboyantly,'' the way a peacock shows its feathers; if you've done a great job bask in the glory.

It's interesting to observe that even with a list of impressive and significant accomplishments some women are very reluctant. to talk about them, even admit them and certainly not willing to put them down on paper.

If you've got it you should definitely flaunt it. I see nothing wrong with standing boldly behind your abilities. . When you share your success with others you set an example, because when you "flaunt it". you make the next person "want to flaunt too"..

Basically, if you've got it, "flaunt it"... And it is consistent with the commonly accepted notion of success attracts more success.

Now write out your success for the day!

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After spending 10+ years in Hollywood as an Actress/Dancer/Body Double Ungenita Katrina Prevost learned how to Perfect Her Potential™. Today she is the World’s First Beauty Empowerment Author & Speaker & named "The Tony Robbins of Beauty". She helps female entrepreneurs bring structure back into their businesses and balance back into their lives by going from “Frazzled To Fabulous”, a simple, easy to implement system that gets results, ultimately improving their lives and businesses.

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