Microsoft released Windows 7 in 2009. Window 7 is said to be one of the best operating system in Window line. It includes number of applications to ease your day to day work. The native Window Media Player is one of the applications included in it which helps in playing video files. Even though Window 7 is the latest version of Window operating system, its Window Media Player does not have the ability to play number of different video files format like the MKV files. The extra codes have to be installed in the Window 7, which help Window Media Player in playing this type of video file format. Once you installed these codecs you don’t have to worry any more about the video play back errors in Window 7.

Instructions for fixing Video Errors in Window 7
Step 1
Press the turn on button on your computer, wait until it boots and load the Window 7 on your desktop.

Step 2
See through the desktop icons, right click on the preferred web browser icon, a popup menu will appear, click on the open from the list or simple move your mouse to the preferred web browser and double click the left button to start the web browser.
Step 3
Browse through the internet and download the k-lite, CCCP or Media Player Codec, mostly available as a free download.

Step 4
Now double click on the downloaded codec pack file, it will release the installation window.
Step 5
Click on install button to install the codec pack, it will install the codec pack in the default location in your computer (default location for installation is in all programs folders in C drive). If you want to install the file install at your desire location, click on browse button and select your desire location in your computer and click “OK’, then Install.

Step 6
The installation process should not take much time, once the installation process is over restart your computer.
Step 7
Now right click on the MKV file or any other file which was showing error while playing in the Window Media Player, a popup menu will appears, click on “open with” from the list, then select Window Media Player. If the Window Media Player play-back that video without any error, that mean you have installed your codec pack correctly.
These codec packs have the code to play any video files. After installing these codec packs, always restart your computer and play the video file which was showing error before in Window Media Player. Nowadays there are lots of codec packs available in internet as a free downloads, but we recommend you to use the following codec packs because they contains large number of codes that help you in playing any type of video file.
Media Player codec pack, CCCP codec pack, K-lite codec pack

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