Pipes are the most important things that are used in all kinds of plumbing. But minor problems in these pipes sometimes cause major trouble therefore it is very important to learn fixing them. There can be problems such as leaking and pipe break which need to be repaired. Pipes sometimes may cause other types of the problems such as freezing, sweating and making loud noises. Each of these problems can be handled very easily at home. If your plumbing system is leaking find the problem area, whether it’s a pipe or a joint. If the pipe is leaking at the joint, the condition can be improved by tightening the joint with a wrench. If it’s the pipe which I leaking you will have to remove that part, and replace it with a new one. ifthe leak is small and you don’t feel like replacing it with a new one, cover the defect with the help of a rubber hose. Some people may even temporarily seal it with the scotch tape.

However if you want to replace the leaking part yourself, you may get benefit from the patch kits available at the hardware stores. These kits contain a rubber pad that covers the pipe holes and also have metal plates. These metal plates provide compression forces thatcompress the rubber pad over the hole. Other temporary methods that you can use are covering the spot with the help of epoxy pastes which cover the hole. If you are to use a tape around the whole make the surface completely dry before applying the tape. Use a broad tape to seal the defect. It should begin two to three inches away from the hole, and then extendto the same distance above. Apply two to three coats of tape so that it sealswell and the leak can be stopped.

The epoxy paste is available as the stick onthe hardware store and can be easily applied by just rubbing on the surface Sometimes there is a condensation of a lot of water on the surface of the pipes, a condition that is called as the sweating. This condition occurs when the hot air comes in contact with the cold pipe and water condenses on the surface. If you find the pipes of your home sweating cover them with thick adhesive dripping tape. There are several typeof self adhesive tapes that can be used for the problem pipes Sometimes the pipes freeze in the winter season, because of the cold water and there is a danger of expansion and thus bursting the pipe. If your pipe has frozen open the hot water in your faucet so that the steam emanating from it melts away the ice, keep your pipe covered with a towel etc during the process to prevent building too much pressure due to steam. Steam can burst the pipe due to pressure. If you don’t want to use water using a torch may be good. Some people prefer using heat lamps because of greater safety.

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