No or slow WiFi would be the worst nightmare for every MAC user, right? A number of Mac OS users’ complaints that they have bumped into the WiFi connection issues even after a successful Netgear Nighthawk setup.

Some of the MAC WiFi issues are:

- The internet connection drops frequently and suddenly.
- Unable to connect to the router’s WiFi network.
- Wireless or Ethernet connection has failed.
- WiFi connected but no internet.
- Overall WiFi performance is degrading.

This troubleshooting post will aim in resolving all the WiFi-related issues with your MAC OS device. Keep reading!

First of all, please clarify – how do you know that WiFi connected but there is no internet on your MAC device? Well, the issue appears in the following scenarios:

- iChat, App Store or Mail are not connecting to their respective servers.
- Web addresses or pages don’t load up on Safari browser.
- You are not connected to the router’s WiFi network error appears continuously on the screen.
- MAC doesn’t connect to the internet.
- WiFi keeps disconnecting on the Mac OS device.

This how-to tutorial will take you through a number of fixes to troubleshoot the WiFi connectivity issue on your MAC device. Continue reading!

Use another App or Website

In order to ensure that the problem is not with a single website, attempt to use another one – preferably highly recommended one such as Google or Yahoo.

In the same case, try using a different app on your MAC device to make sure that the issue is not in just your existing app.

On the off chance that a different app or website is loading without any hassle, then the culprit is your web browser not your internet connection. To fix it:

- Clear all the browsing history, cache, and cookies from the internet browser.
- Also, try using the latest version of software on the internet browser you are using.
- Close all the unwanted tabs.
- Restart your MAC OS device.
- Switch to another web browser.
- Turn on your Internet Connection

If your MAC device uses the WiFi to connect to your internet connection or for Nighthawk router setup navigate to the WiFi menu and ensure that you are connected firmly to your WiFi network. On the off chance that you see an exclamation mark instead of the WiFi icon, then it indicates that your MAC OS device is not connected to your WiFi network. To get that fixed:

- Make sure to turn on your WiFi.
- Connect your MAC device to your WiFi network only.

If the process highlighted above doesn’t fix the issue for you, restart your MAC device.

Which Channel you are Using?

A number of users’ complaints that 2.4 GHz band of their Netgear Nighthawk router have stopped working suddenly. Their MAC device connects to the router’s extended WiFi network successfully but giving no internet access. For this, we suggest you to switch to 5 GHz band. You can simply get the job done by navigating to the Nighthawk router login page via

Power Cycle your Netgear Nighthawk Router and MAC Device

If the issue continues to trouble you, it’s time to power cycle your router and the MAC device.

- Turn of your Netgear Nighthawk router.
- Wait for a few minutes.
- Turn on your router again.

Once done, try the same process on your MAC device as well. Prior to initiating the process, disconnect all the connected devices to your WiFi network. And once the power cycling process has successfully completed, you can connect your MAC device again to your WiFi network and access Netgear router login page to see that internet is working fine or not.

In a Nutshell

Hopefully, you should now have the internet access on your MAC device. Just in case, even after following the aforementioned steps your internet is still spinning your head, contact our professionals via comments.

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