Sometimes doing a workout seems impossible with the kids around. They seem to be always pulling us in ten different directions and often it leaves us with no chance to get a workout in. Well, if you can’t join them, make them join you! Isn’t that how the saying goes? Here are five different high intensity workouts that are fun that women can do with their kids if they are at least 5 and older. If your little ones are younger then get them in a stroller or some other kind of rolling device that’s safe of course.
1. Cross Country skiing- Pull the kids in a sled or make them do it themselves. Either way you can get a good workout in even you do short bursts of high intensity and then wait for them to catch up.
2. Interval Sprints- Go outside and have races. You can do blocks runs or quick sprints. If you have multiple kids, race against one child at a time that way you keep your heart rate up and they can last longer. Mind you, they might just outlast you! If you're pushing a stroller, the kids will love it and you can walk in between the sprints.
3. The ol’ dance off- Put on some great music and have a non stop dancing contest. You can make a theme of movement for each song. One song might be a polka, the next it might be jumping jacks with some hip action. You can make the moves up as you go. Maybe during the chorus everyone has to do push-ups. Doesn't matter how old the kids are for this workout, Music makes the body shake!
4. Swimming- not all can swim but most can jump. So do some good pool jogging and some frog jumping across the shallow end. Count how many jumps it takes you to get across the pool. Try racing in different directions across the pool as well. Give your child a head start so that you can go full out. Or play tag. And for an arm workout, toss your kids in the air, just make sure you can either catch them or throw them safely.
5. Set up an obstacle course in your house. This might make the house a bit messy but heh, it could be lots of fun. Use the furniture to do push-ups and sit-ups. Use your stairs for running up and down. The beds are great for holding plank on. Cushions come in handy for jumping over. You can time everyone and see who can do it the fastest.
Have fun with your kids and make exercise into a game. It will feel more like playing and less like work plus your kids will really appreciate the time you spend with them. Take some pictures, I am sure there will be some good laughs too.

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