The dictionary defines it as “quick and ready insight.” It comes from the Latin root, intueri which means to “look within.” I think of intuition as a “compass of the soul” that guides, informs and directs us toward success. It’s a skill we all have. We use it to make successful decisions and choices as well as to stay clear of danger. We’re born with intuition. Perhaps some of us have the ability to tap into it more easily than others. But, like any skill, the more we practice using it, the better we get at it.
Intuition has often been referred to as the “still, quiet, inner voice.” While you may wish it would proclaim itself in a loud voice, saying, "Here's what you should do!" it usually doesn't. Intuition has its own language; its own code. There is no one right way to hear its guidance.

Intuition comes in many forms. It communicates in different ways to each of us. It’s like our inner compass. When we pay attention to it, it points us in the right direction.

What is this gift of intuition? How do others define it? Here are some ways it’s commonly described,

- A tool for quick and ready insight
- A natural mental faculty
- A gut feeling
- A sixth sense
- An inner knowing
- An instinct
- A hunch
- Wisdom from a Higher power
- A still, quiet inner voice

Following are some of the ways that intuition makes itself known:

Inner Voice
Many people report a "still, quiet, inner voice." Your intuition will always communicate with you in a compassionate, loving manner that is perceptibly different from your normal inner chatter.

You can receive a wealth of guidance when you learn to ask for intuitive insight from your dreams.

Intuitive information often comes to you through your feelings or emotions. You may simply “feel right” about a certain course of action. Or you might experience a sense of distrust about an individual or situation.

Physical sensations
The Japanese call intuition “stomach art.” We call such sensations a “gut feeling.” You might find that your body feels heavy if a decision you’ve made is wrong. Your body may feel light or experience "chills" if it is the correct path for you.

Intuition also comes to us in symbolic images. You might receive an impression of a rocky road if you choose “Path A.” If you choose the alternative “Path B,” you may see a clear, well-paved path in your mind’s eye.

Within you resides a powerful inner wisdom. It is placed there to guide you through life’s inevitable trials and challenges. Heed its guidance and it will steer you unerringly to peace, happiness and joy. How?

Be still…and LISTEN.

Author's Bio: 

Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed., is one of the nation's leading experts on the topic of intuition. Through her work as an intuitive she's helped thousands of people discover their life passion and achieve their goals. Voted “Best Psychic” by Boston Magazine, she’s also a bestselling author whose latest book is LISTEN: Trusting Your Inner Voice in Times of Crisis. Her other books include Divine Intuition and Trust Your Gut. Her free Intuition Newsletter is available at She may be reached at 800-925-4002 or at