What’s, “grounded?” Calm. Centered. Relaxed and alert at the same time. Comfortable in your skin even when things seem chaotic around you. That’s grounded. It’s easy to lose our center and become ungrounded as the day, the week, the month goes on. Here are five tips to regaining control of your well-being:

1. Breathe deeply. As anyone who’s worked with me knows, I begin each session with a deep breath to connect us in our work together. Breathe into your own Spirit. Deeply – all the way down to just past your navel. In Chinese medical theory, that point is called the, “tan tien.” Aiming your breath to that point will help you get grounded.

2. Roll your shoulders. Many of us in western society tend to carry tension between our shoulder blades. As opposed to our more naturally-oriented ancestors, most of us spend significant time hunched over some sort of technology. It’s also a normal tendency to hunch the shoulders when feeling tense. Lift your shoulders, as though you are shrugging them, and then move them backward in a circular manner, to release the tension. That action will at once release tension and create room for your new energy and new insights.

3. Wiggle your toes. Go ahead – do it right now! I promise I can’t see you and you won’t look silly! Seriously, that movement brings your energy down through your body and into the ground. Wiggling your toes helps you to get out of your head, drop the frustration-producing thoughts, and get your Spirit grounded back into your body. It’s also something that you can do almost anywhere without attracting attention that you don’t want…as opposed to marching around ringing bells during a staff meeting. You know what I’m saying here, right?

4. Massage: It’s wonderful when you have a regular massage therapist who knows your history and patterns, who routinely takes care of you. If you don’t, then find one! Even a student massage at a nearby massage school will offer hour-long massages at quite reasonable rates. If neither of those options are open to you right now, then even self-massage – especially foot massage - can be helpful in getting yourself grounded. You don’t have to be a certified massage therapist to rub your own feet. If you use lotion or some type of moisturizer, simply add more focused awareness to the circular motions you’re making as you apply it to yourself. The increased awareness of your body will help you get more grounded.

5. Last but not least, and most challenging: Face whatever barriers you have in your life that prevent you from getting grounded. These could be thoughts, emotions, conditions – whatever the case, face your life head on, with courage so that you can get grounded and move forward with a new level of comfort.

Blessings on your journey!
Dr. Renee

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