In the past creating a website provided you with an online presence. While it’s still an important part of promoting and marketing your business, it’s no longer enough. When social media came into play it became one of the most effective ways to reach your clientele and was quickly included in many organizations’ marketing plans.

Thinking it would be a passing fad, many hesitated getting involved with social media, but once they realized the potential increased exposure, ability to establish your brand and connect to your clients directly, it soon became one of the best options for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

I consider the top four social media platforms to be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and an active blog.

Originally established as a way to connect on a personal level only, Facebook is considered a leader in social media. As it has 0continued to grow and seen the benefits for marketing a business, the Facebook Fan Page provided a way for businesses to promote, market and brand themselves.

This allowed Facebook a great way to allow you to maintain a personal connection with family and friends, while allowing businesses to keep a more professional and controlled image of their products and services, making the Facebook Fan Page an excellent choice for business.

Business Facebook Fan Pages have many of the same features as personal pages. You can still share articles, photos, videos, and applications, but all of the content is related to your business.

Here are my five tips to improve your Fan Page exposure:

Be a resource
Consider the information your customers need to make an informed decision. Posting articles and links to useful information on your wall helps showcase you as an expert and allows you to introduce new products, special promotions and other business details that will entice sales and get your clients to return again and again.

Facebook’s tools allow you to interact with customers. Be sure to respond promptly to comments, discuss product benefits and link new customers to your website for more information. Increase client loyalty by targeting your offers without being spammy.

Give it a Human Touch
To increase the level of connection with your clients, as long as you keep it professional, pictures and personal information put a face on you and your company. This is a great way to get followers.

Make Frequent and Timely Updates
Keep your profile, articles, photos and video content up-to-date and current. It's not enough to throw up a page and ignore it. Make sure to respond to customers who become fans. Create a group for your business and encourage participation. You should also be involved, answer questions and share expertise related to your business, in groups that connect you with your target marked.

Be An Innovator
Facebook moves fast. Don't be afraid to try the latest thing. Explore webinars, and other interactive media as options to improve business relationships.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page is great way to integrate social media into your business marketing plan. Don't forget to provide links from your website and/or blog to your Fan Page. Connect through other social media and continue to grow your network. In no time your Fan Page will be an integral part of your successful online marketing campaign.

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