Study shows 1 in 3 shopper is confused about what to eat to be healthy.

Bare in mind that supermarket covers 44,00 square feet and offers 30,000 items that add to more confusion.

You can find healthy choices in the supermarket if you plan ahead to find healthy solutions.

Here are these 5 super strategies that will guarantee that you will find great, tasty,
whole foods that is good for you.

Planning Ahead

  • Shop consciously by making a list before you shop. Make your meal plan for a whole week. Then make a list of the foods that you will need and stick to it.

Peruse the Isle

  • Start at the produce area and choose vegetables and fruits that bright in color that have colors of the rainbow. Remember that frozen choices are as good as fresh. Begin to create your healthy cart with your produce from the produce section. Choose vegetables and fruits that are deep red, yellow and green.
  • Remember that frozen fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh and last longer.

Frozen Entrees selections give lots of options because there many varieties of healthy choices that is prepared with great taste and quality in mind. Just remember to read the Nutrition label on products to see if it meets your personal preference and it is healthy.

  • Meats – shop for cuts that are labeled “round” or  “loin” as these are usually lean cuts.

Know these terminologies to identify lean cuts for the times when there are no labels, you’ll know that “beef loin” and “pork loin,” tenderloin, or top round steak or pork tenderloin all refer to leaner cuts of meat with less fat.

  • Wholesome Whole grains – when shopping make sure that you read the package on the front and back. You should read the word “whole” grain. Read the ingredient list on the back to see “whole” such as “whole wheat flour” is the first ingredient listed.
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