Do you want to build an easy home based business? If you are willing to learn, able to develop a laser-like focus and can stomach hard work, you can. I promise! Being successful at online marketing is all about identifying, following and then sticking to a proven formula. When you follow the right steps, the likelihood of you succeeding is sky high. You will also be light years ahead of those who constantly go from one can’t miss opportunity to the next. One Internet marketing formula that has proven to be profitable is the 5-step one you will find below.

Step 1: Choose an effective affiliate product or program in a profitable niche
This step is a crucial one. If you choose the wrong one, all of your hard work and effort will be in vain. Making money online is all about determining which niche(s) can make you money and which one(s) can’t.
There are numerous ways to go about finding a niche and a product to promote in that niche. The Warrior Forum, a very popular Internet forum is a great place to begin. Check out the threads and listen to what niches other marketers have found success in or where there seems to be a need.
To find products, check out Clickbank and Amazon. Clickbank sells digital products and Amazon, physical products.

Step 2: Set up your blog and sales page with an opt-in form
Your blog will pre-sell your product. This is where you will want to break down the prospect’s defenses and develop both credibility and trust. One way to accomplish this is to fill your blog with informative articles (posts), pictures and perhaps even a few videos relevant to your niche, but without giving too much away. Once your blog visitors feel like you are trying to help them, rather than sell them something, they are more likely to buy whatever you are selling on your sales page. Your blog should have a link to your sales page.
Lastly, you will need an opt-in form. This will allow you to build your list. A list gives you an ever-ready, captive audience to sell to anytime you’d like. I’m not sure if you’ve heard the old adage, “The money is in the list,” well, it’s true.

Step 3: Find and use cost-effective ways to advertise
You won’t be able to sell a thing if you can’t generate traffic to your offer. The following are free marketing methods that have proven to be effective; article marketing, video marketing, blog and forum commenting.

Step 4: Build you list by capturing visitors email addresses on your sales page
This is extremely important and will lower your future marketing expenditures. Once you have a good, nice sized list, you can make a good amount of money just sending out a few emails every week. Be sure to send follow-up emails to your list on a consistent basis so that they don’t forget about you. Lists are an important part of Internet marketing. They allow you to make money online pretty easily if you handle them right.

Step 5: Rinse And Repeat
Find a new product or program, and start promoting by following the aforementioned steps.

In Summary
You can make money online, earn continuous passive income and have a lot of fun! It’s all about finding and adhering to the right formula. The five step formula explained above is one of the most effective ones in Internet marketing.

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