For a busy working mom, the holidays can be a wonderful time to spend time with friends and family and to drink in all the joy and festivities of the season. And as joyful as this time of year is, it can leave you feeling more rushed and depleted than ever. Maybe you find yourself busily preparing for travels, guests, parties, presents, meals, or any of the other aspects of holiday madness.

Believe it or not, this is the perfect time for a year-end ritual. As December turns into January something special–almost magical–happens. It’s as if a door to the old closes and new doors and opportunities invite us in. It is a time of hope, possibility, and fresh starts.

Even though it may seem challenging or even impossible to set aside an extra minute, this is exactly the right time to slow down, take deep breaths, reflect, dream and create. You can do it! Below is a five-step ritual that will help you to say, “Goodbye!” to 2010 and say, “Hello!” to 2011 in a powerfully conscious way.

The year-end ritual below allows you to reflect on the past year and drink in the glorious memories and learnings. In a mere 15 minutes, this ritual gives you the precious gift of intentionally setting the stage for the year to come. It can be done alone, with your partner, or even with friends or family. It can also be a wonderful New Year’s Eve party activity. Or, carve out some deliciously sacred time and space for yourself, alone, to review the questions below.

Keep a copy of what you write down so that as 2011 unfolds you can reference your goals. And next December, take a look back, see how far you’ve come, and repeat this powerful and sacred ritual from year to year.

Living a life you love doesn't happen by accident; it happens by being conscious, learning, dreaming and creating. Answering the five questions below is a powerful way to honor all you’ve achieved and learned this year and to intentionally invite in the amazing year to come – to invite in a year you love.

Everything and anything is possible for you. Let go of any self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, and old patterns and envision and create a 2011 that you absolutely love! The ritual below is just the beginning.

Year-End Review & Ritual

1. List your top 10 events/memories/moments from 2010.
2. What did you like least or what was the most challenging about 2010?
3. What have you learned in 2010 that you want to remember in 2011 and beyond?
4. Imagine it is December 2011. Write a list of at least three breakthroughs, wins and/or accomplishments as if they have already happened or occur regularly. Get as specific as you can.
5. Give 2011 a two or three word name that reflects a theme, what you anticipate, or plan to create in the upcoming year.
Here’s to living a 2011 you absolutely love!

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Julie Zeff, MSW, CPCC is a mom and life coach who helps working moms live guilt-free, balanced lives they love. As a working mom with three children herself, she understands first-hand the major stresses and challenges working moms face. Julie integrates over a decade of expertise as a Certified Professional Co-Active life coach (CPCC), yoga instructor, and social worker. She is passionately committed to empowering working moms to tap into the unique wisdom and language of their bodies and minds to know and trust themselves like never before.
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