Content marketing through social media is listed as one of the famous content marketing practices. The upper hierarchy of the b2b has loved their experience of content marketing through social media and they consider it the best way of content marketing. There is no doubt about the fact that social media is all about endless opportunities. With people coming from diverse backgrounds, it is easier to create brand awareness and target the specific audience you want to for content marketing. Here are top five reasons why you should chose social media for content marketing:

You Hit The Right Audience Through Social Media

• With one relevant hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, you might end up the right kind of audience that you need to promote your content. Given that an array of interests thrives at social media.

• A lot of diversity is seen in interests, the people who were not interested in certain products have become huge fans of a certain product, all thanks to content marketing. In the history, we have seen someone share on link on reddit on a weekend, and received about 20,000 visitors on their website or blog. Now who wouldn’t want this level of effectiveness in content marketing?

It’s good for the Health of your website

• Search engine optimization can determine the health of a blog or website. Content marketing’s main purpose is to bring website traffic to your blog or website. It is the job of the search engine crawlers to find out which website pages are earning more traffic. Certainly, the search engine results pages SERPs as a part of SEO will bring more traffic through social media and the website or blog will have a higher google ranking.

Best Way To Connect To A Network

• Are you looking for building powerful relations to your readers? Believe me, you are not going to find any better opportunity than social media, where you connect and get regular feedback from your customers. You can read tweets each day and find out more about their consumer behaviour and hence bend your marketing strategy a little, maybe?

• Sometimes your allies are lying somewhere out there, and a simple reply to their tweet can you closer to the journalism community and put you in their good books

The messages are more engaging On Social Media

• People usually shy away from advertising messages. If you spam their timelines, they might get offended. Instead, what works best on social media is simple messages. The Twitter and Facebook users anticipate user experiences and not messages highly embedded with marketing terminologies. Try to send the messages that sound in their interest, and then linking your site to the social media platform can generate serious traffic, retweets and likes can automate content marketing for you.

It Helps In Building Strong Brand Images

• Showing more activity on social media means that you are engaging with your consumers. There is more like a direct problem solving situation that is going on. You also bring more personality in your social media account when you share personal experiences and relate it to your website or blog. This approach is much better than just posting a link to your blog and signing off, as it does not engage at all. People get to see who you really are and what your vision is. This way they will synchronize with you in better ways.


Content marketing through social media, no doubt is one of the best approaches in order to bring more people to your website or blog. The best thing about social media is its highly customized nature which helps you find your target audience within a limited time.

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