At one time or the other, you will experience the need to reach out to someone for a chat. We all don’t like being lonely. Maybe you have a crush on someone in your town, or you want to talk to your spouse who is away. Or you are just looking for someone through the internet to cheer you up.

Have you ever had a live sex chat? It’s thrilling and very emotive. What if I told you there is a more comfortable, less expensive and anonymous way to hold sexy messages? Sexting on Kik app gives you all that and much more with more than 300 million people.
Moreover when chatting through the app, you get to know when your respondent has received, and read your messages. And with the app, your sexy words and pictures are secure and less likely to land into the wrong hands.

Compared to online hookup sites, sexting through the app is very rewarding

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Here are more reasons to send and receive messages on the app than the usual online dating sites;

• No need for a lengthy dating profile

To succeed in online dating, you have to sign up with many sites. And in most cases the registration process is very lengthy and involving. You have to answer many questions, upload your best photos, and talk about your sexual preferences. Imagine doing all that for four sites. Isn’t it time wasting?

On the other hand, setting up your profile page on the Kik app is simple. No lengthy and confusing processes. You can make your profile as detailed as you want or as simple as you want. Provided you have chosen your Kik sexting usernames.

• You don’t have to give your private data

If you have tried signing up for online dating sites, you’ll agree with me that they require detailed personal information from you. For instance, the screening questions may feature your sexual taste and preferences, your photos, location, and address. And how would you feel when you learn that the personal data has leaked or landed on the wrong hands.

That’s why I love sexting on Kik. It doesn’t infringe on my privacy. You don’t have to respond to questions that probe into your sex life. So that means you risk no sensitive information concerning your sex life.

• Less expensive

Have you ever considered how traditional dating is costly? It costs both in time and finance. First, it’s hunting for someone who shares your interest. For instance, you have to wade out several profiles that are looking for casual sex to get the long term commitment. And when you meet face to face, you have to spend on drinks and go on more dates before you get what you want.

Kik app gives you the privilege to narrow all that processes. That is because all the users have one goal. The messages and the visuals exchanged on the site are self-explanatory. Moreover, you can download the app for free. With the app go straight to the point and name what you want.

Unlike other online dating profiles which have a monthly subscription, sexting on the app is free. Provided you have a Kik sexting username and logged in; you don’t have to pay any amount.

• No need to leave your premise
Let’s say you are gay. Imagine the trouble of going out in the vastness to look for another gay person. And once you spot one you have to convince him to like you. And after all that hassle you find that he is into another relationship.

Gay sexting Kik app simplifies the hunt. At the comfort of your seat, it brings you a wide audience of gay persons looking for partners. So it doubles if not tripling your chances of scoring in the hunt within a short term.

• It blends perfectly with your social media account
The ease of browsing the internet through iPhones has seen many teenagers and even adult own social media accounts. For instance, connecting with friends and nailing a hottie is simpler through the Facebook or Instagram

The Kik app synchronizes perfectly with your social media account. That means when sexting on Kik app you will be able to keep check of your FB friends. So by downloading and installing the Kik app, you widen your hunting ground and place it within an easy reach. Never can you experience a dull moment! And when the steamy conversations start to bear fruits, the app becomes even more thrilling

Sending and receiving sexy messages has never been so enriching like sexting through app. You don’t have to worry about your number being passed on to other users or your name leaking out. Wooing a friend into a steamy and fruitful conversation is much easier on the app.

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