If you are like many people, you probably wait until you feel something is wrong before you find a doctor. However, things can be easier when you already know a doctor before you need care. A Katy primary care practice serves as your partner who will help you maintain good health for life. The following are the best reasons you should have a primary care doctor:

They Know You and Your Health

Over time, your primary care physician gets to know your health history. They can work with you to lower your risk of diseases. Also, they can detect any changes to your health before it becomes serious. A great doctor will encourage you to make lifestyle changes and help you control chronic conditions. 

Establish a Medical Home

When you have a primary care doctor, you have an expert to turn to every time you experience an acute illness. This means you know where to go whenever you need to refill a prescription or a physical examination. And because your doctor can follow your health throughout the years, they can easily establish a treatment plan that works for your condition. 

Get Access to Specialists

A primary care doctor can give referrals to a variety of specialists such as oncologists, pain management specialists, and neurologists. Also, they work with these specialists to make sure they get the medical information they need about you to help. 

Reduce Health Care Costs

When you visit a primary care doctor regularly, you can lower your healthcare costs. Having regular screenings and communicating with your doctor openly can reduce your overall health care cost. This is possible because you can stop the development of chronic illnesses and regular screenings can detect cancer at the earliest stage while it can still be cured. 

Reduce Hospital and ER Visits

Studies reveal that keeping regular appointments with your primary care doctor will reduce your chances of going to a hospital or visiting the emergency room. This is because your doctor can address any symptoms you may experience as they emerge. This way, whatever the underlying cause of these symptoms can be diagnosed and treated immediately. 

When to see a primary care doctor depends on your age and whether you have health conditions to manage. But, you should visit your doctor at least once or twice every year to get a physical exam and health screenings. Also, make sure to see them when you first notice signs of an illness. 

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