A great deal of musicians are unconsciously looking for the answers to questions they really shouldn’t be asking. These questions are all based on false assumptions about the how building a music career works. Looking for the correct answers to the wrong questions will never help you become a successful musician.

If you want to become a successful professional musician, you’re going to have to learn how the music business really works. This means asking the right questions based on the truth about the business (not just assumptions that non-professionals make). When you ask 100% success-minded questions based on this (and get them answered by someone who already has succeeded in the business), you will quickly achieve your music career goals.

Here are 5 questions about the music industry that most musicians never ask (but should!):

Question #1: Why Do Record Companies & Bands Collaborate With Some Musicians But Not Others?

A lot of musicians believe that people in the music industry only work with those who are musically gifted and just so happen to be in the right place at the right time. Wrong!

Bands, record companies and others in the industry are looking for specific traits in people they work with. They want a person who has a positive mindset, great skills, and the right attitude. As soon as you develop all these things (and take action to use these traits), you’ll be much more likely to succeed as a pro musician.

Watch this video to learn more details about what music companies and bands look for in you:

(See if you are close to mastering these elements for yourself using this short music industry training assessment before reading the rest of this article.)

Question #2: How Do I Change Casual Fans Into Truly Fanatical Fans?

Don’t ask “how can I get more fans?” Why? The number of fans you have is very unimportant if they are all casual fans. What is a casual fan? These are people who like your music, but don’t actually buy it or support you in any way. That said, fanatical fans buy your whole catalogue, wear your band’s shirts, come to your live shows and even go as far as to get tattoos of your band’s logo. So, which group do you think helps your music career grow faster?

Once you have built a massive following of fanatical fans, they will do a lot of the promotional work for you by telling people about your music/shows and buying everything you make.

See if you’re effective at promoting your music career and gaining fanatical fans by taking this free music career promotion test.

Question #3: What Do I Need To Do To Opportunities From Those In The Music Industry?

A lot of people get into the music business expecting companies to fall all over them will opportunities, contracts or deals because they simply exist... Of course, this is not the case, and only a tiny group of musicians ever bother asking what THEY should do in order to deserve such opportunities.

If you want to get opportunities in the music industry, you MUST learn how to make yourself the most valuable and least risky option available to any music company, band, etc.

A good illustration of this is the situation of looking for new music gigs around town. Most musicians only approach this problem thinking about “what is in it for me?”, but never take a moment to try to figure out how they can be of benefit to the booking agents or club owners they want to work with. As a result, these musicians rarely get many gigs.

To learn more about this subject, read this article about how to get tons of music gigs.

How To Get More Gigs

Question #4: How Can I Seamlessly Transition From My Day Job To A Career In Music?

Chances are, your family has told you to get a backup plan just in case your music career doesn’t work out.

Fact: this is one of the most common ways that musicians end up stuck at jobs they hate rather than fulfilling their dreams in the music industry. Just imagine as months, years and decades go by, watching your musical dreams go unrealized...

Fortunately, I know it is definitely possible for anyone to switch from a regular job to a successful music career (because I’ve helped many people make this transition). To begin achieving this goal you must ask the right question that centers your thoughts only on what you truly want.

Next you must understand how to grow your income as a musician and create an exit strategy for quitting your day job. Working with a music career trainer is the best way to do this and reach your musical goals much faster.

Question #5: How Can I Gain Total Financial Security With My Music Career?

It is common for most musicians to be so scared of not making enough money through music, that they never even attempt to start their careers. Actually, the music business is highly stable and you can make tons of money in it. There are really only 3 reasons why musicians struggle to earn a great living:

1. They believe that all musicians are starving artists. This kills all motivation for you to become financially well-off.

2. They actively try to find a job in the music industry rather than thinking of themselves as entrepreneurs.

3. They haven’t developed multiple streams of musical income, which are:

-Independent: if something causes you to lose one of your income streams, other sources will still support you on their own.

-Congruent: all the income you make goes towards supporting your ultimate musical goals.

-Residual: you get paid by your income streams perpetually

-Passive: at least some of your income streams need to generate money continuously AFTER the work is done so that you don’t need to work on them every day.

By running your music career like a business and creating these streams of income, it becomes infinitely easier to make 6-figures or more annually as a musician. Most of all, being a pro musician is way more secure than working a regular day job.

Now you are aware of some of the most critical questions you should ask yourself when it comes to becoming a successful pro musician, but this is just the beginning! Learn what you should focus on as you enter the music business by taking this test to find out how close you are to becoming a successful professional musician.


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