After a while, we can finally view PDFs directly from Firefox or Chrome. Viewing PDF files now is the most straightforward task you can do with a browser. In addition to viewing PDFs in a browser, you now also do some basic PDF tasks online.

Here are 5 PDF hacks you might not know:
Translating a text from a PDF
Knowing that PDFs are difficult to edit, it goes without saying that you won't attribute the format as one that can be translated into different languages easily. However, you don't need to worry too much about how to make pdf editable or use Google Translate to translate verbatim manually to do this.

Online translators are a popular tool for anyone looking to complete the job quickly. However, if you haven't noticed, there is also an option to download documents for translation, including PDF. Just as the translation of manual text entry may not be 100% accurate, the translation of a document can also be inaccurate. Please use this tool with caution.

Convert PDF to JPEG, Excel, and PowerPoint
You don't have much time. You need to make a final analysis of the tabular data. You need to prepare approved images for publishing. You need to adjust the presentation you were provided to be submitted a few hours later. Does this sound familiar? These scenarios are too common. In either case, it may be a PDF file, which further complicates the task.

In this case, online conversion tools can become life jackets. We know that time, money, and resources are limited. This is why we allow you to easily convert PDF to JPEG, PDF to Excel, and PDF to PowerPoint with our pdf editor online. No need to install. No registration is required. Just upload your files, and click "Convert." Your files will be converted for free, then you download them.

Read PDF aloud
Anyone who needs to browse, do a little research, or read a little will hate this task, especially when it comes to PDF files and busy schedules. When you're out, you need to do the same on your mobile device. It's a bit cumbersome for small screen devices.

Today, there are several tools online to quickly achieve this. These tools are online text-to-audio converters that allow you to convert the text in your document into audio files (.mp3, .m4b) that you can take with you.

Signing a PDF Document
This is one of the things you don't want to do. It sounds tedious and difficult. Therefore, you may be surprised that this works well and quickly on the web and in Chrome. This feature is, of course, implemented through a browser extension. Through these extensions, you can add forms and signaturesto PDFs..

Create bookmarks for your pages in PDF format
Reading long PDFs in Chrome is common and can be very frustrating at times. When you close PDF files, you will likely lose the page, and then open the file to continue reading the entire PDF all over again. That’s hectic! You can now continue from where you left off with a browser extension tool.

Note: We advise that you check online to find tools that suit your need or task to avoid recommendation issues if the tools we recommend don't meet your requirement.

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However, you don't need to worry too much about how to make pdf editable or use Google Translate to translate verbatim manually to do this.