The scenario is very familiar, a homeowner sees some pests around their house they think there is a quick, easy fix and they try to do it themselves. The good news is, sometimes this works, but more often, it does not. These are five common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to outdoor pest control.

What’s In the Bottle?

When it comes to pest control, one of the very biggest mistakes made by those who choose to take a DIY approach is that they simply don’t know what they are using. Buying something that says ‘flea and tick’ on the package does not guarantee that the pests will be dealt with effectively. Whether treating an animal for these pesky parasites or aiming to manage termite and pest control on a larger scale, you need to know what it is that you are spraying and how it is expected to treat the problem.

First of all, you don’t want to spray toxic chemicals in an area where children and pets play and you don’t want to find out later that they were horrible for the environment and water supply. Furthermore, it isn’t going to be effective to spray a spot treatment, which only kills the pests who are directly contacted by the liquid because where there is one, there are generally dozens, hundreds, or even thousands more just out of sight. Some products on the market do work by being carried back to the ‘nest’, thereby infecting the whole colony, but you won’t know that you have the right stuff without a little research.

Repeating a Failed Method

The product that you have been using is said to cure the pest problem you face, but as with many things in life, pest control is not tackled with a ‘try, try again’ mindset. If the product failed to take care of the problem the first time around, then the chances of it working when used again are slim to none. This same philosophy holds true whether dealing with an outdoor varmint or bed bug control within the home. If you’ve tried it and it hasn’t worked, then it’s probably time to call in the professionals.

Killing the Budget to Avoid a One Time Cost

Many homeowners are so afraid of what it will cost to have a company like Brevard County Pest Control service come in and tackle the problem that they will continue to spend huge amounts of money on over the counter products. These chemicals, collars, traps, and tricks are not always enough to get the job done and they can nickel and dime you until you’ve spent more than it would have cost you to hire someone in the first place. Pest control specialists and termite exterminators know the very best ways to treat a problem of infestation and even how to prevent an issue beforehand, so don’t wait until it’s too late and you’ve already spent a small fortune.

Overlooking Yard Cleanliness

As homeowners continually treat and re-treat areas of the lawn or home, they are often overlooking the main source of the pest problem – the disarray of the yard. If pests are coming in, then they are going to be looking for a place to hide. Wood piles, construction debris, or mounds of grass clippings are just a few of the places that these little critters can hole up. Keeping the yard clear of any of these sorts of stow-away havens is a great first step in pest prevention.

Failing to Use Cedar Mulch

Do you have a big, beautiful garden? Did you know that it can also be an insect haven? The very same ants, flies, spiders, and other bugs that are pestering you in the house might be calling your garden home. One of the best ways to avoid insect invasion is to use cedar mulch in the garden. Buy it from a reputable supplier, and make sure that it is cedar mulch, other types of mulch can contain wood-loving insects like termites and carpenter ants, and lay a healthy layer between and around your plants. Not only will it help with Brevard County pest control, but it also looks great.

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