People usually think that starting up some profitable home business is an unrealistic move. It would require a lot of time, effort, and money to even start from scratch.
Starting up from scratch is a gamble. You wouldn't really know if it's going to work or not. It’s not surprising why most people are pessimistic of starting their own business because they thought a big capital is needed.
There are several businesses that you can do at the very comfort of your own home, with very minimum capital to spend. Thanks to the Internet, which has become an endless pool of possibilities for home business opportunities that people can tap into.

All you need to do is to manage your resources well and make sure that everything is as meticulously planned as possible. Here are five of the most profitable home-based business ideas that you can start even with just a small capital:

Becoming an Affiliate

Reselling products or becoming an online affiliate is all about selling products from a legitimate company. It provides you with a better opportunity of earning money by selling products or services that you are familiar with and have been produced by an established company. It's also a great source of additional income even when you're at home. You may even choose to become an affiliate to some of the popular brands, like Tupperware, and be their exclusive distributor in your area. The Internet is also rife with affiliate marketing offers, which makes it much easier for people to earn money.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is a marketing strategy that utilizes the Internet, preferably social media, to promote products or services to the target market. Digital media have permeated our daily lives that consumers have easy access to information almost anywhere they go, anytime they want. That is why offering digital marketing services to companies is one of the best ways to earn a living while you’re working from home, or even surpass the amount you’re getting from a typical office job.

Some of the companies who have been able to fully utilize digital marketing is Uber. The company focused on San Francisco's tech community in its early days, knowing that they would share their experiences in social media. By providing their customers with exceptional service, Uber have developed outstanding customer experience which eventually lead to their success.

Web and Graphic Design Services

Design services involve organizing and planning designs to help companies or service providers identify their identity. You just have to find your niche and determine where you're good at. Utilizing your skills can help you get more clients and, later on, build a name for yourself in the long run.
A great example of a billionaire who started out with design services is the Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg has always been fascinated with computers even at an early age. According to Biography, even while in high school, Zuckerberg has shown such potential in developing programs. He created an early prototype version of Pandora and called it Synapse. Several multimillion dollar companies expressed interest in buying the software that he designed and developed, but he chose to decline the offers. Although he didn't get paid for it, it became a stepping stone for him to enhance his skills.

Electronic Repair and Maintenance Services

According to Beyond, the practice of repairing and maintaining electronic equipment and systems require at least a minimum certification or diploma to qualify as a technician. An electronic technician often works in-house or at a client’s office, and they can usually be found working in manufacturing plants and large companies in prime locations.

People who are fond of computers, or any electronics, and are looking forward to putting up a small business from home might want to start up with an electronic repair service. Since computers and electronic gadgets have been a necessity already, a computer or electronic repair service will be a great idea. Entrepreneur reported that sales of computer services are expected to go pass $47 billion this year alone, with PC repair as the leading reason.

Household Repair and Maintenance

Home maintenance and repair involves the resolution and diagnosis of problems in a house. Household maintenance is often associated with repair to avoid such problems to get worse. Proper house repair and maintenance could save your customers from paying even more if the problem wasn’t resolved. Household repair and maintenance are not just about the house itself. It may also include furniture repair as well.

Success doesn't come easily to anyone. It takes hard work and perseverance to make things work. Successful home based business is not as easy as you may think. It takes a lot of passion for making sure that you wouldn't quit along the way. There are other profitable home business ideas that you might want to consider. You just have to be open to other ideas and integrate it with your own.

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