Five Minute Eye Exercise to Self-Help

We Homo sapiens refuse to do things without a good reason. Why?
Back two-thousand years ago, our ancestors were already skeptics,
and it has become a human instinct and reflex.

Why should I do what you say?

Why should I believe you – you must have a vested interest – so tell me,
(WIIFM) – What’s in it for me?

Be patient! Control your need for (IG) Instant Gratification for 60-seconds.

1. “You can’t depend on your eyes, when your imagination is out-of-focus.”
Mark Twain

2. “Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re
Living?” Bob Marley

3. “Small is the number of people who can see with their eyes, and
think with their minds.”
Albert Einstein

The Practice, Not Theory

Last week I was sitting in class and my right eye started blurring and tearing.
Then it added itching like crazy. It’s allergy season so eye problems are normal.

The day before I was taught a Yoga eye exercise that allegedly eliminated minor
physical ailments, (not heart attacks or strokes). It only required a couple of
minutes, so testing it on my right-eye seemed a good idea. Couldn’t hurt.

a. Close your orbs and see in your mind’s eye the area hurting you. Now
see a large bright light filling-in the area. Mentally say, “I intend to heal this, now.”
You do not have to believe it will work, just keep an open-mind like a scientist.

b. Open your eyes and look to your extreme left, and shift to peeking at your
extreme right. Left-right, five-times. Stop and repeat left-right, five more times.

c. Now look upward (without moving your head), and then downward.
Up-down, up-down five-times with your eyes only, not head. Stop.
Start a second set: eyes upward and downward five-more times.

d. Next, look to your upper-right (without moving your head), and down
to your lower-left. Total of 2-sets of five eye-movements each, for a total of ten.

Now close your eyes and mentally visualize the injured area. See it enveloped in
a cloud of white light. How long? Three-seconds. Open your eyes and
‘forgettaboutit’, and go about your work. It will not return.

What’s Going On

We have six-eye muscles (extra-ocular) in each eye. Two-kinds: Rectus (straight) and
Oblique (slanted). Since the 1950s American spend an average of five-hours daily
watching TV. It causes us to use only two of our six-eye muscles in each eye.
The other four get little if no exercise.

Since the advent of the computer and the Internet, 50% of us spend up to six-hours
at the keyboard or texting daily. We use only two of our six-eye muscles in each eye.
The other four lose elasticity and atrophy with disuse. Eye exercises help your vision
become acute and focused.

Primary Vision Cortex

Your vision does not know the difference between what we see with our eyes open,
and what we imagine in our mind’s eye. Sight is directly connected to our PreFrontal
Cortex, our executive thinking. It is also linked to our reward and pain centers.

So What

Your eyes can communicate with our conscious and non-conscious minds. Don’t
think about how it works, just do the eye movement exercises and reap the benefits
of mental and physical accelerated-healing.

Do you have to believe in the law of gravity, not to fall down? How about understanding
the principle of electromagnetic fields to throw the light switch to light the room?
Self-help does not require you to believe in advance of proof.
Just let the results speak for themselves, and then you can judge yes or no.

How Long Does it Take

For me it took under ten-seconds to get complete relief in my right-eye. No
tearing, itching or blurring. And it never came back. I have shared the
Yoga eye movement exercises with executives and students. They reported
weird successes when they used it on various ailments.

We do not give medical advice. We suggest you ask your medical physician.
If you are doubtful, do the safe thing and ‘forgettaboutit’.


We taught the Eye Movements exercises to tournament Poker players in
a western city that gets 37 million visitors annually. MadMax Poker
Workshops. Five of the ten-players volunteered they won more hands and
larger pots than in their checkered past. Cause-and-effect? Coincidence?

Perhaps the eye-movements shatter our limiting beliefs of negativity.

“He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe,
is as good as dead. His eyes are closed.”
Albert Einstein

See ya,
Copyright 2011, H. Bernard Wechsler

P.S. Speed Reading rules. Learn it or stay in the dark ages.

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Author of Speed Reading for Professionals, published by Barron's. Business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of
speed reading, graduating two-million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents: Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon-