Cultivating the intelligence of kids has been made easier in today’s technological advancements. A child can simply open an app or website to learn new things. There are many learning websites for kids that they could go to and learn. This advancement has opened many opportunities for many kids to hone their abilities and gain new learning experiences. Your child can learn new things while enjoying learning. These educational websites have their own uniqueness.

Best Learning Websites For Kids


Mindfinity is one of the best learning websites for kids. It provides games with the aim of empowering human innovation which opens the doors for a brighter future for the kids. Talent development expert Opher Brayer launched his top tier methodology that has received many accolades. Opher trained with multi-disciplinary experts alongside gifted children. In his methodology, Mindfinity offers interactive games that allow the learning of the foundations for polymath thinking. This opens up the innovator spirit within your child.


Scholastic is a website that offers educational materials for kids. Scholastic is the publisher of educational magazines that are often found in schools. Kids starting from preschool to high school will be able to find learning activities that are designed for them. Its materials are mostly books and magazines.

National Geographic Kids

If your child is interested in animals, national geographic websites for kids would be a great option as well. In this site, your children can learn interesting animal facts. There are also animal web cameras that your kids can watch. There are also some science experiments where you can assist your child and bond with them as well.

Nick Jr.

Nick Jr.’s website has printable materials and activities that kids can enjoy. The activities will encourage your kids to learn music, solve puzzles, and work on numbers. For the younger ones, they can also have some shape recognition activities.

Disney Jr.

Disney Jr., like Nick Jr., offers their characters as a way to encourage kids to learn things. For younger kids, Disney Jr.’s website has coloring printable materials and videos. It also has some games that help color matching, hand-eye coordination, and memorizing things.

Why are supplementary learning experiences needed aside from what is learned from school?

You should not leave your children’s learning and development with what they get from school alone. There should be some supplementary materials that can help your children access their untapped potential.

Using additional learning materials can significantly increase your child’s achievement as it supports new learning experiences. Cultivating an intelligent child does not only rely on genetics but on the nurturing method that the parents have instilled in him or her.

Moreover, having new learning experiences provides the child with important opportunities to train new skills. It gives the child an edge in exploring more knowledge and skills independently. It helps the child have a holistic development.

Games Matter In A Child’s Learning Process

Using games as a means of learning is a very powerful way to let the child learn more things while enjoying it. Using games is one of the main methods where a child can learn and develop intellectually. Games make learning more interesting for the child. Since games are fun, children get absorbed in what they are doing. Games would make them enjoy repeating the learning process until they master it.

Play is an integral part of a child’s intellectual development. In fact, it is an important factor for children’s Early Years Foundation Stage. It is also vital for their learning journey as well. Children are able to acquire many skills through power playing games. It could help in developing their social skills, creativity, emotions, and language skills. Playing nurtures a child’s imagination and gives a child a sense of doing an adventure.

Basically, playing games immerse the child in the learning process without the pressure. Even at a young age, the child would have a sense of purpose to learn new things. It comes to them naturally as they desire to learn new things. They are able to learn very important skills like working with others, sharing, problem-solving, and many more.

This is why as a parent, it is essential that you incorporate games into your child’s education. Use supplementary materials and research new methodologies that will benefit your child’s intellectual development.

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