Thinking about building the home of your dreams? Not only should you consider fun, comfortable, and exciting interiors, but also enthralling yards and exteriors, too. Truth be told, there are a number of different amenities that you can choose to build in the back of your home that can really add appeal, structure or function to the overall ambiance. The best part about backyard amenities are that they are all made to order, so everything you choose is built or grown just for you.
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Here are some of the most popular backyard amenities that the best architecture firms in Dallas can build for you.


Patios are outdoor areas that are attached to the home that make for a place for people to relax, talk to one another, and spend some quality time together. Patios can either be made of brick, wood, stone, or another strong material, and can also include sun umbrellas, tables for meals, and cozy furniture. When you hire one of the best architecture firms in Dallas, you can consider a premium-looking patio that adds elegance to your backyard.


Decks are similar to patios. Like patios, they can also be connected to the back of the home, but there are two discerning differences involved. Decks will tend to have railings and be raised above the ground over terrain that is uneven. Essentially, they serve just about the same purposes as patios, making them places to sit and relax. Almost all decks are made of wood, which add a sense of comfort and nature to your outdoor area. While wood is rather limited in color, you can choose among many different species of hardwood in addition to many stains to alter the wood’s appearance. To be sure that your deck ages well, have your architect give it a water seal so that it does not rot or behave badly to water or rain.

In-Ground Pools

If you own an in-ground swimming pool, you know you are living a large life. Arguably one of the most expensive additions to your backyard, a new pool doesn’t just add a dynamic to it, but tremendously gives you and your guests another fun thing to do at home. Reasons why homeowners want to have their very own pool is so that they have their own personal sanctuary and not have to go to a public pool around town. Pools are also highly customizable. You can choose to add tiles, give it one of many water decorations, and more, in order to make it unique and one-of-a-kind. If you are eager for water and sun, a pool is a worthwhile investment, but it does require ongoing care for maintaining clean and healthy conditions.


If you want something fascinating to add to your backyard that isn’t a pool or a deck, you can also consider a pergola. To describe what a pergola is, it is basically an additional living room that is modified for use in the backyard. Pergolas can either be attached to the home with a roof, or standalone for providing an isolated feel. Both types of pergolas can look appealing, so we don’t have a preference of one over the other. You can enjoy wonderful fresh air, even if it is raining, in the confines of your pergola. No matter what time of day or whether or not there is rain, pergolas can be made to be completely weatherproof.

Fire Pits

You likely have set up a campfire before, but full-fledged fire pits are in a league all on their own. A fire pit is basically a structure with an area dedicated to making a fire in the middle or center. Fire pits make for wonderful places to spend evenings with other people. Fire pit areas don’t just consist of a physical pit, but also the seating and scenery that is all around it. What sorts of benches or chairs do you want? What kind of floor under the pit do you prefer? Thinking about some landscaping as well? Like with a pool, there are a lot of customization options to pick from. You can either make yours as natural or as pristine as your budget would allow.

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